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    Psychopathology In Government, Politics and Business 

    Psychopathology In Government, Politics and Business

    Reblogged from The Ability To Love- Recovery From Psychopathic Abuse
    Posted on October 8, 2014

    As as survivor of pathological parents, partners, children, grandparent and former bosses and Professors in college, I’ve been exposed to a lot of psychopathology that lives not only in our personal lives, but in our government, politics and business.

    “House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) seemed to echo Mitt Romney’s infamous claim that 47 percent of Americans are “takers” who suck up government benefits during a speech at a conservative Washington D.C. think tank on Thursday. Addressing the American Enterprise Institute, Boehner suggested that President Barack Obama’s economy has lulled many unemployed people into a sense of dependence on government.

     “This idea that has been born, maybe out of the economy over the last couple years, that you know, I really don’t have to work. I don’t really want to do this. I think I’d rather just sit around. This is a very sick idea for our country,” he said.


    Robert Reich: “I keep hearing Republicans call the Obama Administration and congressional Democrats “anti-business.” Baloney. Corporate profits as a share of national income are higher now than in any year on record going back to 1929. In fact, measured in terms of profits and stock market gains, no administration in recent history has presided over such a boom for business and Wall Street as has Obama’s. The real scandal is that wages as a share of national income are the lowest they’ve been in over 60 years. But don’t expect Republicans to criticize Obama and the Democrats for this.

    http://www.fhmovie.com/ Excellent documentary about Corporate Psychopaths, ‘successful’ Psychopaths with riveting interviews with Dr. Bob Hare and Dr. Paul Babiak (Authors of “Without Conscience”, “Snakes in Suits” respectively)

    Robert Reich; “As I’ve traveled around the country over the last two months — to Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, California’s parched central valley, and elsewhere – I’ve been struck by how little people want to talk about politics, and how scared they are about their and their families’ future. Many I’ve met tell me they’re not making it. They’re working several part-time jobs, but not earning enough to buy the groceries or pay the rent or the mortgage, maintain the car they need to get to the jobs and pick up the kids, pay their student loans. Why don’t they make the connection between their economic troubles and the people they’ve elected? Because they feel as if no one is listening to them, that the economy is separate from politics, and their troubles are entirely their own fault. They don’t see they’re among the majority of Americans for whom the system is failing as all the economic gains go to the top. Instead, they feel ashamed and alone.

    We need a political revival in America that enables the silent majority to see what’s happening to them and why, and empowers them to take action.”~ Sound familiar? And how often has the pathological GOP let them know that it is their fault? See Boehner comment above.

    Below, the latest in tactics by “corporations as People” WalMart as they further screw the low wage worker.

    And the next new tactic by WalMart upon its employees:


    Jim Kouri, described political and governmental psychopathology as the following:

    “Jim Kouri, citing FBI studies, writes that “some of the character traits exhibited by serial killers or criminals may be observed in many within the political arena.;” they share the traits of psychopaths who are not sensitive to altruistic appeals, such as sympathy for their victims or remorse or guilt over their crimes. They possess the personality traits of lying, narcissism, selfishness, and vanity. These are the people to whom we have entrusted our fate. Is it any wonder that America is failing at home and world-wide?”

    “Some may say that this is an extreme, audacious claim. I, too, was surprised when I read Kouri’s piece. But anecdotal evidence to support it is easily cited. John McCain said “bomb, bomb, bomb” during the last presidential campaign in response to a question about Iran. No one in government has expressed the slightest qualms about the killing of tens of thousands of people in both Iraq and Afghanistan who had absolutely nothing to do with what happened on nine/eleven or the deliberate targeting of women and children by unmanned drones in Pakistan. What if anything distinguishes serial killers from these governmental officials? Only that they don’t do the killing themselves but have others do it for them. But that’s exactly what most of the godfathers of the cosa nostra did.”

    “So, there are questions that need to be posed: Has the government of the United States of America become a criminal enterprise? Is the nation ruled by psychopaths? Well, how can the impoverishment of the people, the promotion of the military-industrial complex and endless wars and their genocidal killing, the degradation of the environment, the neglect of the collapsing infrastructure, and the support of corrupt and authoritarian governments (often called democracies) abroad be explained? Worse, why are corporations allowed to profiteer during wars while the people are called upon to sacrifice? Why hasn’t the government ever tried to prohibit such profiteering? It’s not that it can’t be done.”

    In the vernacular, harming people is considered a crime. It is just as much a crime when done by governments, legal systems, or corporations. The government uses the law to harm people or shield the establishment from the consequences of harming people all the time. Watch as no one from the Massey Energy Co. is ever prosecuted for the disaster at the Upper Big Branch coal mine. When corporations are accused of wrongdoing, they often reply that what they did was legal, but legal is not a synonym for right. When criminals gain control, they legalize criminality.

    “Unless the government of the United States changes its behavior, this nation is doomed. No one in government seems to realize that dissimulation breeds distrust, distrust breeds suspicion, and suspicion eventually arouses censure. Isn’t that failure of recognition by the establishment a sign of criminal psychopathology?”

    Why is psychopathology denied by American’s?

    I received an email late this afternoon from a survivor who was merely offering sympathy for my situation, that she was close to this herself. A woman in her late fifties, given a severance and having to sign a document stating that she would never discuss what went on within the company. Why would a company need to silence a worker? Why would a self serving author need to threaten and silence those who write poor reviews of his book? Why would a company pay a pittance to a low wage worker, yet force them to work many over time hours without pay? Why would a company hire only part times positions? Why would a wealthy company like WalMart cut it’s costs by raising premiums on some workers, while cutting off medical insurance of 30.000 others that are part time? Why would a corporation not hire the middle aged or older, worker? Many of our unemployed are middle age workers who were laid off, or given severance packages, along with documents to keep their mouth shut, from 2008 to present.

    Our government (most especially CONGRESS), advocate for this kind of harm, that  has become more and more pathological and remorseless to the point where their masks are totally off and where behavior is ‘brazen’ at best. Exploitation is alive in well in America and ripping us all apart. Manipulation of the masses, no matter what side you’re on, but there is definitely ONE side that advocates heavily for self serving, pathological behavior while sitting perched upon their own grandiosity and haughty behavior. Exploitation that is not hidden any longer but encouraged in a hate filled, bigoted society.

    Obama is not ‘hated’ by the right, per se, because as to any band of psychopaths, people are merely used as utility, objects that serve the psychopaths purpose. Racism has always been a problem, a problem that upon Obama’s election, brought the bigots out of the woodwork and this pathological Congress, saw an opportunity to use Obama as weapon to inflame and exploit bigots in society. Hate him? Why? Under Obama, the rich have flourished and members of Congress are RICH. They took advantage of the opportunity to exploit, hatred and intolerance for all vulnerable groups in society, in order to fast track a fascist agenda. These people do not give two shits about their constituents, for as long as the long arm of their media megaphone, which is Fraud Zoo (Fox News), continues to lie, exploit and manipulate, as long as people give in more to their hatred, their own selfish agendas within the realm of pathological religious zealousness, intolerance of any kind and learn to see that they’re being USED, they will continue to re-elect these psychopaths into power, time after time.

    They have not just exploited bigotry, but they have exploited intolerance to epic proportions. Gay marriage is one of them, but psychopaths are also mysogynists. and women’s rights have been brutally assaulted through efforts to remove birth control from insurance policies, while religious companies cry foul with the excuse of religious exemption, not because they truly hold these values, but to profit from them. We live in a rape culture where brutal abuse of women, and subsequently blaming them, has again become the norm after what appeared to be genuine progress in our society and minimally within government.

    The outrageous moral and ‘criminal’ white collar crimes, done to American’s that have not been an event, but a process over years, has been one where psychopaths have gained more power, starting with Prince Ronnie (Ronald Reagan, ACTOR) trickle down, busting up of unions and the now infamous “welfare queen’.  Then came the disaster that was pathological G.W. Bush (Bush-side kick Dickie) who took us to war on a lie, on a ‘daddy’ issue and killed thousands of our men and women, as well a many more Iraqis, making a monumental mess in the middle east unpaid for (or perhaps stolen out of the SS cookie jar), while making side kick Dickie’s Halliburton very wealthy. . into the billions. Then the next disaster with the  inception of the tea party, CLEARLY a psychopathic entity financed by the Koch Brothers. Psychopaths butt slap other psychopaths. Why is it not impossible to believe that where there are psychopaths in power whose ‘values’ are harm related, that it would not attract MORE psychopaths? The more psychopaths there are, the more deviousness will be and occur. The outsourcing of jobs, started by the brilliant Clinton with Nafta and where The Trans-Pacific-Partnership guarantees more outsourcing of jobs.

    Psychopaths are the ultimate fear mongers. They cannot exist unless people are afraid. We have a country full of ignorant, uniformed, hate filled or intolerant, fearful individuals that, if you listen enough to Fraud Zoo, ISIS is now crossing the Mexican border (it ISN’T), Ebola is in every town and if you wipe your eyes after touching someone with Ebola that you don’t know has it, ‘YOU’RE DEAD”. These are the same individuals who want ‘boots on the ground’, putting our men and women again in the middle east, again for another profitable war and election time is the perfect time to rally the country together under the screech of patriotism, not realizing that those of us who are war weary, do not feel like screeching this time, against ISIS.

    These are the same individuals who have people believing that the poor have so much power, are incredibly lazy and live every month for their government bennies so they can take a trip to the Bahamas. The visions of “Welfare Queens’ dance in the minds of these people. But as with Boehner’s comment at the beginning of this article, ALL of it is classic PROJECTION. This Congress has actually worked 113 days a year. Seems that every time I turn around, while demonizing the poor, are readying themselves for another vacation. They have done absolutely nothing to help the American people. There has not been a jobs program and if they offer one, it’s FILLED with more tax reductions for the rich, they have not offered any infrastructure improvement, they have butchered social service programs, both through sequestration and through the Farm bill. These cuts were so severe that several state Governors used their own state funding to reinstate the second cut so that their constituents would not STARVE because the unemployment rates are high. There has been not ONE thing done to improve the lives of American’s but MUCH effort in continuing to exploit the poor especially now so close to election time because poverty does NOT discriminate.

    People forget that while the President does have ‘power’ in the sense that he runs the country, he does not have the power that Congress does. The following written by D.Mack regarding legislative power:

    “Little things can mean a lot. An article about the U.S. Constitution mentions a “system of checks and balances and separation of powers among the three equal branches of government.” Not true. Someone once opined that all men are created equal, but some more equal than others. A careful reading of the Constitution will reveal that Congress is more powerful than the other two branches — and rightfully so. Only Congress can make laws, and can do so with or without the president’s consent. Congress can remove a president or a Supreme Court justice, but only Congress can expel a member. Congress can not only impeach Supreme Court judges, but can also regulate and make exceptions as to the jurisdiction of the court. The disturbing thing about the article is that it was written by the president of the Constitutional Walking Tour of Philadelphia — a good article, except for that one “little thing.”

      If Congress didn’t have this power, we’d have a jobs bill, our infrastructure would be remedied, Citizens United, heavily backed by Congress, Koch and the ultra repulsive, Grover Norquist, with his “taxpayer protection pledge’ signed by higher and lower members of Congress, backed by the fascist five on SCOTUS, never would have happened. This was a DISASTER for American’s, as it gave pathologicals in business the keys to the car, driving hard working American’s over a cliff financially and giving the green light to abuse them mercilessly. Those who blame Obama for everything are the bigots in our country and for all of them that I see on political pages where I work very hard to educate about psychopathy in pointing out behaviors, nothing changes that blame of Obama, because rage and hate drive it. HATE. IS. PATHOLOGICAL.  But there is no mercy upon over half of American’s who are now living in poverty or are teetering on the edge of it.

    Just tell a middle class voter that spending is too high, the debt it too high, ‘government is too big’ and that the poor are parasitic and sucking off the system and that THIS is the reason for their ‘hardship and it’s bought hook, line and sinker, I mean DAMN we poor sure do have a lot of power!!!

    Exploitation, manipulation, fear mongering, and the last tactic that works is one I’ve personally experienced out of a psychopath: exploitation of faith. Several years ago, the word Christian did not create the divisiveness that it does now. The Christian extremists, psychopaths as wolves in sheeps clothing, ruthlessly use organized religion in the form of “Evangelical Christianity’ as a vehicle to further move hatred and intolerance of the masses, the removal of their personal rights and attacking those that do not agree with their professed beliefs, cherry picked sins out of the bible at best. Christians can be some of the most abusive individuals, and many of them are extremely pathological in their ‘beliefs’. They have done more to drive away those who are more inclined to follow the teachings of Jesus, rather than a Narcissistic God who feels more something to FEAR, than something to LOVE.

    When I think of ‘fear of God’ I do not think fear as these Christians do, of hellfire and eternal damnation, but fear as is respect, as God is an awesome God, full of love, compassion, grace and mercy, NOT a self entitled, grandiose judgmental individual whose psychology suggests that they are somehow in tune to God and therefore can make choices about who God approves of or not. To illustrate this sickness, I recently hd a discussion with a woman, regarding the ‘sin’ of my gay son. She was so obsessed with the idea of ‘gay sex’ that she suggested I sit down with my son and watch ‘gay porn’ and that this would set off in me, the ‘normal’ repulsion I should have about gay people, my son in particular. Now, I wouldn’t watch HETEROSEXUAL porn, why the hell would I watch GAY porn? But she would not let up and so I politely exited the conversation.

    Psychopaths in power, psychopaths in business, corporations, and in psychopathology too. Money, power and image are very important to some people. So much so that anyone who tries to get in the way, can expect some serious backlash. Their self serving agendas are not difficult to see, in any of these entities, yet those who see them and subsequently question them, discover very quickly that their are fired, abused and well, banned. They are given veiled threats, direct threats and indirect threats. They are smeared by the psychopaths minion, from the survivor who emailed me today who had to sign ‘the document of silence’ and in which her coworkers avoided her, as if, she said, she had ‘ebola’. They are smeared by the minion who are devoted to the psychopath that pays them. Fear of losing image, money or fame, can motivate devious and harmful behavior, smearing and targeting included.

    These entities do not care about anyone but themselves and those that serve their purposes for as long as those services are needed by the psychopath to uplift his ego, image or profit. To be in business these days, with the exception of a rare few, one must be ruthless. It is more than just determination and focus, it’s pathological in nature. Not all of us are born ruthless and nor are we willing to subject ourselves to the required empathy deficit so prevalent in business today. Chances are, that the pathological business person, while having a very charismatic personality, ultimately shows us that they are not what was the original presentation given to us. They have no originality  all at and as any other pathological, they borrow or steal from others good fortune to add to their own. Through their sense of entitlement and arrogance, they believe they have cornered the market in whatever business they are in, whatever political position.

    And if you don’t think this way, it would be difficult to understand how a pathological individual could sleep at night, knowing they’re harming many, many others. But they do and the next day it’s all about them. To work with, to work for, to read about, these people is extremely energy depleting. Whether you’re having to fake your way through work in pleasing your pathological boss (or avoiding his ire), or having to constantly fan the flames of a forum owner, page owner or group owner, and that the rules are not meant for you but to glorify them, that everything within that vicinity is all about them, it is extremely draining.

    There really is an empathy deficit in America, but I also believe, as Betty LaLuna (Narc Raiders), that American’s are trauma bonded. Suffering from a severe deprivation and loss of rights, and they have no idea where it’s coming from. There is no connecting of the dots because there is no knowledge about psychopaths. People are just frightened, raging or depressed.

    The reasons we are deprived is because we have psychopaths in power. We are deprived by the most ignorant, hateful and intolerant individuals who do not realize they’re being ruthlessly used to indirectly cause harm to an entire nation to fast track a psychopathic, fascist agenda.

    The following is a link that gives an accurate assessment of federal mandatory spending that included welfare and SNAP. If you’ve been buying into the exploitation that it’s all the fault of the poor, this may be very shocking to you.


    I have a feeling it will take longer for American’s to wake up to the reality of psychopaths in power, let alone in their relationships, but those in power are more and more obvious as to their intent to harm.

    What was most sad to me is that there are so many American’s suffering, busting their asses off and not understanding why it’s so hard for them to survive. If only there were grassroots efforts to teach them about pathologicals in business and in power. I’m very passionate about this issue and see its importance to all of us, but until the rest ‘get’ it, only a few of us are screaming in the wind.

    I’ve been blessed to have had the opportunity to change perspectives and/or give those individuals pause when pointing out the behaviors of the side they are aligned too. If open to it, if there is a tiny window of empathy that opens, they can see what I’m describing is true.

    We need businesses like Costco, where employees are happy and productive. Where empathic, fair and wonderfully compassionate CEO’s can create  enjoyable environments for employees and customers. These few companies are proof that it can be done. It only makes sense that if you treat your employees well, they’ll be happy to come to work. They’ll be much more productive and customers will get excellent care and service. Unfortunately, profit, image, ego and psychopathy will never allow this environment.

    One side really is worse. Fascism comes draped in the flag, touting some religious belief, while carrying a bible, a flag and in this country screeching about patriotism and the Constitution.

    Empathy does not. It doesn’t need too because love, care and compassion speaks for itself.

    Onward and upward


    Psychopath TEST Politicians

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    Grace for my Heart

    It’s Narcissist Friday!  

    I recently read that a narcissistic former CEO is being considered as a candidate for president. This former CEO nearly destroyed a major US corporation and left, of course, with a multi-million dollar severance package. The suggestion of narcissism is not mine, but the assessment of many who have watched this person’s career and have seen the piles of the dead along the path. Who could imagine the damage this person could cause as president?

    On the other hand, some people think this is just the kind of person we need in leadership. Narcissism is increasingly seen as a positive characteristic among leaders. And narcissists are found in almost every type of leader position offered in our culture. Spiritual leaders, military leaders, political leaders, organizational leaders, even local and small group leaders are often narcissists.

    Leadership positions draw narcissists like parties draw college students. Even if they…

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