Political Psychopaths Are Not Our Only Problem

You don’t learn how to spot a psychopath by simply learning their personality traits, because the definition of a psychopath is not a “Yes/No” or a “Is/Is Not” personality disorder. Psychologists and psychiatrists have devised a list of traits for a psychopath, and a person can have none, some, or all of those traits. In other words a psychopathic disorder can exist in varying degrees. When you look carefully at a large percentage of our political leaders, it is very hard to avoid noting that there are a few fall into the “none” group. The majority fall into the “some” group, but our biggest problem is that the politicians that fall into the “All” group are the ones that hold leadership position. Well to be honest, they don’t “hold” a position, they “took” the position. That’s how a psychopath works. They need power and control and it isn’t going to be handed to them, so they devise whatever tactics and schemes are needed to “take” control. But how do you simply “take” control?

A political psychopath can only “take” control by winning an election, but that means they need a willing accomplice to vote for them. This seems to indicate that we have a check against a psychopath being elected. When you notice that the person is lying, cheating, stealing, or any other tactics that are normal operating procedures for a psychopath, just vote for the other person. Here’s where our second problem enters the fray.

Every heard a politician say “global warming is going to destroy the earth”, and then notice the multitude of people who then run around like Chicken Little saying “we have to save the earth” – even though the scientific data is still inconclusive. How about “we have to save the bow-legged-brown woodpecker”, and a bunch of people take up roost in trees to prevent them from being cut down – even though extinction has always been a part of life. Some of those people are well balanced individuals who actually believe in the cause, and there are some people who are uninformed. We also have a group that is wired to jump on any bandwagon that strolls by. The last two groups are the psychopathic politician’s “willing accomplice” – the uninformed and the empath, which is a person who emotionally wired to empathize with anything. You mention a problem, and they are more than willing to feel sorry for it. Of course the psychopath doesn’t care one bit about the “supposed” problem they want to “fix”, and it doesn’t matter if the problem has any scientific foundation, they just want the uninformed and the adoring empaths to get on their side so they can garner their vote in the next election. That’s how a psychopath “takes” power and control, the uninformed and the empaths “give” it to them.

In other words, the sheep (uninformed/empaths) are being preyed upon by wolves (psychopaths) in sheep clothing. We need a sheepdog (a well balanced, well informed, well educated voter) to keep the wolf at bay and protect the sheep from making a potentially fatal mistake. In order to preserve our nation we have to stop solely concentrating on the political psychopath, because they will always be on the stump trying to get power and control. Our only viable option is to out vote the uninformed and empaths that are drawn to the stump by the tactics of a psychopath, by mobilizing enough sheepdogs to influence the outcome of elections. While you can educate the uninformed to reduce the impact of their problem, you will never change the psychopathic politician or the empath, your only option is to out vote them.