Avoid The Utterly Useless Venture

One of the characteristics of a psychopath is the inability to admit they are wrong, or that they made a mistake. Another characteristic is the uncanny ability to win any argument that is presented against them, or at least they perceive themselves as winning no matter what the outcome may be. An argument is a challenge to their identity because part of their identity is that they know they can not be wrong or make a mistake. If that sounds like a regenerative circle, then you can see how disagreeing with a psychopath can be an utterly useless venture.

One of the problems with having a psychopath elected to public office is the combination of the two characteristics mentioned above. As long as they make decisions that do no harm, their personality disorder is of no consequence, and this does happen quite often. Doing what makes the general public they serve happy and content helps them keep their power and control, so they will jump on every opportunity to implement something that really doesn’t matter to them. The true problem with an elected psychopath is when they have a belief that is in opposition to the belief held by the majority of the people they serve. The public will give a push back on the idea, and that becomes an argument to the psychopath. As shown above, you should already know how the perceived argument is going to be handled – all hands on deck to defeat the enemy. And “all hands” does mean all hands. Elected officials have a staff, and their staff is hand picked to insure they are the faithful followers who will implement any order given them till the death.

A member of Congress who is a psychopath can have an impact on how the country is run, but the eight hundred pound gorilla is the room is the President. He not only has a staff, he has an entire administration, and the appointed heads of the various departments and agencies are the hand picked faithful followers who will follow the orders from above without question or push back. Now you have a machine that can roll over the values and principles our nation was founded upon to implement the personal belief of one person. Our current administration is a glowing example of this, and while not unique from other administrations headed by psychopaths, the astounding thing to me is the degree they are operating in the open with what they are doing. There is an attitude that no matter what action is taken, there is nothing anyone can do, so do anything you want. Most previous administrations at least worked at hiding what they were doing. Like I said, the current Administration is not unique, but I feel it should be used as a learning tool to show people what happens when you elect a psychopath, and you can’t do that until the people learn the characteristics of a psychopath. The education of the public is the only answer. The psychopath is a psychopath and their are no words or actions that will cause them to change, Their disorder is just as much a part of their identity as the color of their eyes. We just have to prevent them from getting what they are driven to have – power and control.

The title to this post is “Avoid The Utterly Useless Venture”. The only way you can avoid the venture is to elect well balanced individuals that can be trusted to govern in a manner that is consistent with the values and principles of our nation. Those values are what made the United States what it is, but unless they are maintained by succeeding generations, the country we have always been will no longer exist. It will not go away, it will just not be what it was designed to be. Based on the impact our nation has had on the world, that would be a significant loss and I fear what would take our place.