10 Reasons Why the US Government is like a Sociopath 

  1. They pretend. They make things sound better than they are.
  2. They pit people against each other. Like Republicans against Democrats. Poor against rich. Etc.
  3. They cover up their mistakes.
  4. They can’t be equal to other countries. They have to be better. It’s a contest.
  5. They aren’t aware of their own problems.
  6. People are like pawns in their game and it doesn’t matter if they die or suffer.
  7. They are confident.
  8. They do as little as possible to get what they want.
  9. They care more about how they look than their substance.
  10. They have no empathy. People aren’t seen as individuals.

Being ruled by a sociopathic government creates fear and suffering for many. I wonder if this is because the government creates sociopaths or attracts them or both. Maybe people can become temporarily sociopathic in an environment conducive to it. It seems like many governments deal with this problem and the people suffer for it. Maybe we just need small communities and jails for sociopaths, but then I have visions of the Salem Witch Trials. Is there no solution? Will the majority of people always suffer because we have these sociopaths around who wreak havoc on the world? Maybe we should focus all of our efforts on finding a cure for sociopathy or at least a way to keep those with this condition, out of power.

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