Is it safe to date a psychopath?

Not loving these ugly blobs of grey all over the page. It’s all because I’ve quoted an external source, but here they fuse with the border around my French graffiti picture to create something hideous. Dear readers, please know I did everything I could to tone the effect down, but failed miserably. We’ll just have to accept the grey is a part of all our lives now. 

So I recently came across this question on Yahoo! Answers:

Is it safe to date a psychopath?

Mille mots d’amour, version psychopathe. 

I know that most of you will ask me, ‘Has this person been formally diagnosed?’
And yes this person has been.
Even if they hadn’t been, they show all the signs of being psychopathic.

What (if there is any) way is the best way to date a psychopath without getting hurt too badly?
[I get that there will be hurt somewhere along the line, but that happens all the time.]

Frankly, I respected the cautiousness of the OP, but still I thought she (you can tell from the writing tone it’s a she) retained a certain misguided idealism that was ripe for popping. My answer:

Oh yes, we make really considerate partners.

We never manipulate or sweet-talk you into doing things for us. We don’t threaten or abuse our ‘loved ones’ and we don’t pressure you into doing illegal things with us. We definitely don’t choose the gullible and the easily dominated as partners and we would hate to hurt you physically or mentally. We promise to love you and be there for you forever, to remain faithful throughout the relationship and we swear there will never come a time when we get bored of you and chuck you away like last night’s takeaway.

What’s more, we always tell the truth.


I’ve made a habit of answering psychology-related questions on that website. I am helpful at least twice as many times as not, though I’ll admit sometimes I abuse the format and lack of proper admins to mess with people. This answer is a little bit of both, as although the message is clear enough, I was obviously in a sarcastic mood at the time. Obviously.

I get just as much satisfaction from helping as harming, as whether one or the other, I am influencing somebody else’s life. It’s a power thing. What’s interesting is that I have noticed other psychopaths doing the same, for example the sidebar of my question links to this little gem

So, contrary to popular belief, psychopaths can be wilfully helpful, despite apparently not possessing any altruistic tendencies.

Are you surprised? Has your worldview just been radically altered? Do you have lots of opinions and a big mouth? Then leave a comment below!