Dark Ages of Republican Thought (Every Man for Himself)

When psychopaths are in power, then people destroy each other. History repeats itself because we don’t know how to recognize psychopaths. Psychopaths don’t wear signs that say, “I have no conscience and you should not trust me.”

Learn this combination of habits of psychopaths, and stop following these people:

  1. Contradictions / contrariness
  2. Tell STORIES nonstop (half-truths), daring adventures, exciting dramas, gossip
  3. Conversations shoot aimlessly, change topics haphazardly (politicians being evasive for no good reason)
  4. Robotic detachment, unemotional reactions to situations requiring empathy
  5. Pose Odd questions that make you do a double-take
  6. Scapegoating & false crediting
  7. Moves in close very quickly
  8. “Pity me” ploy for all occasions, experts at getting undeserved sympathy
  9. Hot-cold-hot attention to you – makes you wonder
  10. Many “misunderstandings” as they confuse you to cover up lies
Habits of Highly Psychopathic People Pic

How to Spot a Psychopath in Your Daily Life


Democrats and Republicans have psychopaths in the higher ranks. Recognize that psychopaths acutely desire to control people. It doesn’t matter what political party. Psychopathic policymakers aim to decrease the power of the general public – making poor people suffer, taking away our societal supports that WE need to make progress, giving corporations tax exemptions…

Try to remember that WE are the government. WE are not barbarians. WE are in charge of public welfare. WE are responsible. Wrestle that power back from the psychopaths.



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