Psychopathy and the US Presidents JFK photo

According to Prof. Kevin Dutton, Fearless Dominance and Impulsive Antisociality are markers of psychopathy. But I see things differently, due to my experience of living with psychopaths. Those are not psychopathic traits. Psychopaths are consistently antisocial. Empaths are impulsively antisocial. Anybody can show fearless dominance.

The Presidents: A League Table of Psychopathic Traits

John F Kennedy
William Clinton
Andrew Jackson
Theodore Roosevelt
Lyndon B Johnson
Franklin D Roosevelt
Chester Arthur
George W Bush
Ronald Reagan
Richard Nixon
Andrew Johnson
James Polk
John Adams
John Tyler
Martin van Buren
Woodrow Wilson
Warren Harding
William Harrison
Benjamin Harrison
James Earl Carter
Zachary Taylor
George Washington
Thomas Jefferson
Ulysses S Grant
John Q Adams
Dwight D Eisenhower
Gerald Ford
Abraham Lincoln
James Garfield
Harry S Truman
Herbert Hoover
Franklin Pierce
James Madison
Calvin Coolidge
George H Bush
Grover Cleveland
James Buchanan
William Taft
Rutherford Hayes
James Monroe
Millard Fillmore
William McKinley


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My insight into human nature in general, and psychopaths in particular, has me usually disputing pretty much everything Kevin Dutton says. In fact, I believe he is a psychopath himself. After a bit of research, I can see that he is rather justified in putting the Presidents in this order.


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