Rogers is Narcissistic 

Rogers Communications

Rogers Communications

Rogers TM is narcissistic. I know that it seems to be a bit of a stretch to consider a telecommunications agency a narcissist, but they behave the same way. Take courtship. First they flood you with attention. They make promises of low prices and great services. There are flyers, radio bits, television commercials and large signs near the highway and on the boards at the arena. They are going to meet all of your communication needs, and with very low-cost. They are shiny, flashy and charismatic and they will do everything possible to make you happy.

This is equivalent to the “flooding” stage when you are dating a narcissist. The gifts, the calls, the text messages just to say hello. They want to spend more time with you and they can’t stop thinking about you.

Once you sign on, and let’s not forget that for most of the “deals” you have to sign a contract, they ignore you. It becomes obvious that all of their promises to provide great services were just lies to lure you in, get you to commit, make you believe that you would have a great relationship.

The internet is spotty and slow. It is impossible to watch Netflix because the connection cannot be maintained well enough. The cable channels pixelate and stall and sometimes there is just no internet connection for hours.

You still see the promotions, the advertisements, the promises. You know that Rogers is trying to get new customers. They are courting other individuals. You are no longer that valuable, because they “have” you already. It is the new conquests that are now the focus of their attention and energy. Since you are already on a contract there is no sense spending any time or effort keeping you happy. Rogers invests a huge amount in trying to get new business, but almost no effort in servicing current customers.

Calls to their service department are met with complicated automated attendants that take your through several levels of menus and require personal information. This requires you to be patient and tolerate an automated voice giving you attitude before your call gets put on hold. While you wait for a human voice to come to the other end of the line, you are entertained with commercials telling you how great the service is and all of the features you can sign up for.

When the call is answered, you hear a greeting that is repeated so often that you cannot discern what the person is actually saying. “elloeyeaimeisoaney” What?? Oanney… Really, oh I get it, “Hello my name is Soaney”. This person is obviously from an offshore company. Their accent is so strong and their English is so intelligible, that you cannot understand what they are saying. Again, this is your fault for having unrealistic expectations.

When you do explain that your WiFi router is not working, it is your fault. It is clear that you did not put the router into its own room. It needs its own power source, there cannot be anything else plugged into the outlet. For heaven’s sake, do NOT use a powerbar, how disrespectful. There cannot be any cord free telephones in the room, computers, microwaves or electricity using appliances. I must say, “Sorry for letting you down, but I never considered having a separate room for my modem. I guess it IS my fault that it didn’t work”.

When you insist that you need things to improve, Rogers will say things like, “We can help you with your reception, but we’ll have to charge you extra. We can send a technician out to the house, to move your modem/router, but it will cost you.” “We make no guarantee that things will get better. You must take some responsibility for this, it is things like YOUR tile floors that are interfering with the functioning of our router, so it is your fault”.

Any disagreement with a narcissist is always YOUR fault.

When you do realize that not only is Rogers not meeting your needs, but also they are blaming you for all of the problems, you decide to break it off and go with another telecommunications provider. Then, the charm turns on. Then they try to make amends. You start hearing things like, “Well, we can send someone out to move your router to a more, appropriate spot and make sure our signal to your house is strong. No, that will no longer cost, $50 like we said earlier, we value your business”. Rogers offers discounts, incentives, a temporary upgrade and extra services at no cost. Where were these concessions while I was a customer?

Finally, when you do cancel your service they turn against you. You are the enemy and they will use every bit of power they have against you. They continue to charge you for thirty days after you cancel the service, because they can. However, they stop providing the service before this month is up because they know there is nothing that you can do about it.

When you start seeing everything as narcissistic, it may be time to step back…

Excerpt via Rogers is Narcissistic | Wendy Powell.

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