Psychopaths are Parasites; Feeding on Your Yummy Goodness

Psychopaths choose victims because that person has something of value. Psychopaths are driven by their desire to make things as easy as possible for themselves, regardless of the resulting ruination of others. The easiest mode of survival is to take a ride on the back of someone who is their antithesis. The opposite of psychopathy is selflessness. The most magnanimous souls are the ones who have suffered pain and grief; so do everything in their power to keep others from agony.

James suggested that my previous “relationships” with predators was because I had “weak and damaged” written all over me. In his blog post, “Are you my next target?“, James queried, ” More importantly, what weaknesses do you have that a psychopath could potentially exploit?”

Since I want to keep others from being in pain, that does not make me weak, it makes me strong. I had survived neglect and physical abuse in childhood, so that left scars that supposedly a psychopath can sniff out as weakness.  NOT SO. What the psychopath is sniffing out is my high tolerance for other humans and my acceptance of the many flaws that come with humanity. The lumps that I carried into adulthood provide me with a perspective and a strength, so that I would never do unto others the same harm that was done to me.

This means that the psychopaths are the weak ones, because they need to prey on people who love easy, and are full of sweetness and tolerance and goodness. We were victims because we give the benefit of the doubt. These are valuable qualities to be sustained in the human animal.

Being complaisant is not something to be ashamed of, nor something to be changed because it might be exploited by psychopaths. What needs changing is increasing our awareness of the parasitic worms who would latch on to our succulence, and then distort reality, tricking us into thinking that our delicious essence should be snuffed out to their own low level.

What this boils down to is that psychopaths are not looking for weak people. Instead, they are looking for people who can carry their shifty weight. So, do not heed the barbaric precepts of psychopathic philosophy: Psychopaths unjustifiably despise self-sacrificing people, the very best people on earth.

The question that needs asking is not “what weakness do you have?”  The question we need to ask is, “Do you know how to identify the psychopaths?”


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