21 unrelated facts about me 

  1. I am mixed-handed
  2. I am quite clumsy
  3. I have a low tolerance to pain
  4. I am a synaesthesiac
  5. I still think fart noises are funny
  6. I find most social interactions quite tedious
  7. I speak French and Spanish
  8. I am shit at mental maths
  9. I have irresponsibly high self-esteem
  10. I am endlessly intrigued by David Bowie’s Life On Mars?
  11. I am not a misanthrope
  12. I like climbing – and jumping off – tall things
  13. I have no pets, but I do grow cacti for pleasure
  14. I find religious worship repugnant
  15. I am proud to not have a criminal record, despite being a criminal
  16. I think Doctor Who is the best idea for a TV series ever
  17. I am mildly arachnophobic
  18. I cook a mighty fine ratatouille
  19. I believe human lifespan is tragically short
  20. I don’t love anyone
  21. I want to be God – capital G; the definite article

How many can you relate to?