America: The New Germany and Trump: The New Hitler

Trump the New Hitler  Adolf Hitler manipulated and emboldened his country with hate, by making a common enemy of the Jews. Donald Trump is calling Americans to turn on each other by taking away birthright. It’s a strategy that appears to be working with the ignorant and the uneducated and the misguided. The people want change and they will reach for the low-hanging fruit. What comes next? Deportation is too costly, so then: here come the Mexican concentration camps. The United States of America is being taken over by morons, and all of the good people will just stand by and let it happen.

The question is: Why are people so focused on immigrants? They are the least of our problems. The hateful propaganda against poor immigrants is being heavily reported on by the brainwashing news media. We have bigger problems with government corruption wasting billions on corporate welfare and loopholes that allow corporations to skip out on taxes. Overspending is rampant in the military industrial complex which only serves to make weapons manufacturers richer through never-ending war-mongering. The real problems with our budget are not making headlines on the major news networks.

Military spending is already 70% of the discretionary budget…The United States spends $786.6 billion on its defense. The U.S. military budget is greater than those of the next 10 largest spenders combined. The second biggest spender, China, only spent $188 billion and Russia, spent just $87.8 billion. Our greatest ally, UK,  spent  $57.9 billion — less than 10% of what the United States did. Many of our allies are enjoying the benefits of a safer world at our expense. (Source: SPIRI, Trends in World Military Expenditure, 2013)

Myth: Military spending creates jobs.

Fact: Defense spending is not the best way to create jobs. A UMass-Amherst study found that $1 billion in military spending created 8,555 jobs. The same amount spent on public transit created 19,795 construction jobs. For more, see Unemployment Solutions.

Donald Trump is only one example of how psychopathic ideals have the loudest voices and have taken control. The world will grow tired of our superiority complex and will turn against our Nazi-like regime.

Will we nuke every country on Planet Earth in order to maintain our dictatorship? How do we get to a place of peace and tolerance? How do we become the world leaders in justice and democracy? We are setting a poor example, and we are falling to our doom.

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