Hmmmm, Seems I cannot reply to James’ article, “Doing something nice for no reason.” The option is there for other recent articles, but not that one. My response is this:

There is little I can do to help Others at present – I rarely see People, being stuck in a cabin in the woods with no money or car – but daily I tweet the plight of Those who have mentioned having a plight. Try to get donations or investors for Them. And when I had money (and a car), I used to carry bags of rice to give to People with “Will work for food” signs (most seemed extremely grateful when I would give it to Them). I helped friends get things They needed, called emergency for People, helped cover legal costs, and any other thing that came along that I could help with.

Now I need the help and far too little is forthcoming. Meh. Eating oatmeal and chia seeds at the end of the food stamp month because I have nothing left other than that will keep Me from literal starvation. At least I am not experiencing THAT!