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  • Tina (GeneticPsychosMom) 16:24 on November 24, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Benjamin Netanyahu is a pathological liar 

    Benjamin Netanyahu

    Netanyahu has recently concocted a number of lies over the past few days. Iran, he has said, is “indefinitely more dangerous” than North Korea! Why? Well, Iran wants to “dominate the world.” He added:

    “The one potent force in militant Islam that has emerged is Iran. And it is devouring one nation after the other. It is doing so either by direct conflict, or more usually by using proxies.”

    This man obviously thinks that the entire world is blind and that no one has been able to keep a record of what’s happening in the Middle East. When was the last time Iran invaded another country?

    Read more: Benjamin Netanyahu is a pathological liar and political psychopath | Veterans Today


    Psychopath TEST Politicians



    • James 06:00 on November 28, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      The government of Iran wants to “wipe Israel off the map” (those exact words have been used multiple times by high-ranking members of the Iranian government), so you can understand if the Israeli leader has some anti-Iranian biases. Iran is in a geographic location where it has the ability to threaten Israel; North Korea, is not, even if it wanted to.

      Historical and current antisemitism is never an excuse for the appalling way Israel continues to act in foreign policy, particularly in its encroachment on the Palestinian Territories, but calling out Netanyahu for disliking the regime that doesn’t recognise Israel’s right to exist and would gladly put an end to that existence, is barking up the wrong tree.

      The Iranian nuclear deal may have gone a long way to easing these tensions, however it is your government, led by Donald Duck, that wants to rip it up, and destroy years of diplomacy, all to spite former president Obama.


    • Richard Wicks 19:43 on June 6, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      James, the “wipe Israel off the map” is completely debunked. It’s from MEMRI, which is Mossad propaganda.

      Since at least 1982, the US and Israel have claimed that “Iran is months away from a nuclear weapon”. This is because the US lost control of Iran in 1979 during the Iranian Revolution after toppling it’s democracy in 1953 and installing a dictator/traitor.

      Which you sheep would realize that all governments lie. Netanyahu is a compulsive liar and yet you still believe him. Obama was one too and so was Bush Jr.. It’s pathetic that some people, like you, can be fooled all the time.

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      • James 11:06 on June 7, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks for opening my eyes, Dick. I feel so educated.


      • Critter 09:14 on June 8, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        It’s a classic propaganda tactic to strip a statement of critical details then take some artistic liberty in order to make it fit a political agenda (a type of straw man argument). Fun fact: the orginal iranian statement does not contain the word “map”, it also does not refer to Israel as a state but, rather the current regime with their zionist ideology. In other words, from an iranian point of view the problem is the current israeli political system, not the state by itself.

        US and Israel are perhaps the best current examples if you want to study the concept hubris.

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        • James 14:15 on June 13, 2018 Permalink | Reply

          And so the original statement says what exactly? You have said what it doesn’t say.

          Come on, Critter. You’re letting me down here!! Where is your usual thorough comment which ties up every loose end?


    • Critter 07:06 on June 14, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Fair enough, I’ll just take the liberty of quoting the explanation/translation given in this article by Arash Norouzi, (I reccomend reading the whole article, it’s quite illuminating regarding Irans view of Israel) https://www.globalresearch.ca/israel-wiped-off-the-map-the-rumor-of-the-century-fabricated-by-the-us-media-to-justify-an-all-out-war-on-iran/21188


      So what did Ahmadinejad actually say? To quote his exact words in farsi:

      “Imam ghoft een rezhim-e ishghalgar-e qods bayad az safheh-ye ruzgar mahv shavad.”

      That passage will mean nothing to most people, but one word might ring a bell: rezhim-e. It is the word “Regime“, pronounced just like the English word with an extra “eh” sound at the end. Ahmadinejad did not refer to Israel the country or Israel the land mass, but the Israeli regime. This is a vastly significant distinction, as one cannot wipe a regime off the map. Ahmadinejad does not even refer to Israel by name, he instead uses the specific phrase “rezhim-e ishghalgar-e qods” (regime occupying Jerusalem).

      So this raises the question.. what exactly did he want “wiped from the map”? The answer is: nothing. That’s because the word “map” was never used. The Persian word for map, “nagsheh“, is not contained anywhere in his original farsi quote, or, for that matter, anywhere in his entire speech. Nor was the western phrase “wipe out” ever said. Yet we are led to believe that Iran’s President threatened to “wipe Israel off the map”, despite never having uttered the words “map”, “wipe out” or even “Israel”.

        THE PROOF:

      The full quote translated directly to English:

      “The Imam said this regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time”.

      Word by word translation:

      Imam (Khomeini) ghoft (said) een (this) rezhim-e (regime) ishghalgar-e (occupying) qods (Jerusalem) bayad (must) az safheh-ye ruzgar (from page of time) mahv shavad (vanish from) … “


  • James 17:00 on November 13, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Some exciting tech news!

    Pretty wonderful, eh? Never mind all the exterminated terrorists, just think of all the defectives we could get rid of with a team of beautiful drones, using facial recognition software and a smart analysis of the data trails everyone leaves behind.

    Self-confessed psychopaths for instance; all those pricks with blogs and quora accounts and Facebook groups who have outed themselves online. Find their IP address, discover their real social media account, learn their name, what they look like and where they live, then send out the drones. Boom! If they have any children, chances are they also carry the evil gene, so it would be prudent to kill them too. Callous unemotional? Oppositional defiant? Conduct disorder? Boom! Now they’re all dead.

    Why stop there? Send the tracking bots onto websites where paedophiles share kid porn, or where racists swap jokes about Jews, then repeat the same process. IP, geolocate, face recon, boom! There really is no end to the problems we could solve with the help of our flying executioners.

    You could send them after real estate agents, for example. Nobody really likes them, do they? The drones would be fulfilling a public service. “An exciting opportunity has arisen in an up-and-coming neighbourho-” Boom! Those nasty beggars on the street who pester you for a handout? Drone ’em. “Excuse me sir, could you spare a-” Boom! Urgh, the Kardashians, yuck. Boom!

    While we’re at it, let’s take care of bankers, lawyers and politicians. Well, only some politicians. Naturally, the drones will be in the hands of the politicians that matter, the good kind of politician in our sweet and benevolent governments. No, the politicians we can make the chopper-bombs destroy will be those with dangerous ideas about equality and wealth redistribution. Now we can finally put an end to these monsters once and for all. Democratic accountability? Boom! Anti-government protests? Boom! Online petitions? Boom!

    Fuck it, I hate lazy scroungers, disabled wasters and trade unionists. Boom, boom, boom! Gays, trans people and other sexual degenerates? Thanks to wide societal acceptance, we know who you all are! Boom! Find all self-confessed Muslims, Jews and other deviant devil-worshippers on the census, and fucking boom them in the head! In fact, forego that. Just send the drones into mosques, synagogues, temples, monasteries and religious schools. Boom! Black people will be piss easy to locate with omnipresent facial recognition software. Racial purity, here we come, not with a bang but with a boom! Statistics say that one in four adults suffer from mental illness. They also say that one in four adults has just had their head exploded!

    Boom! Fucking BOOM!

    If like me, you can’t wait for the day when all of society’s enemies can be destroyed mercilessly, leave a like and a comment, and don’t forget to share the good news with all of your friends 🙂

  • Amaterasu Solar 11:27 on November 7, 2017 Permalink | Reply  

    When They Say “Rule of Law…” 

    “They” being the psychopaths in control on Our planet…

    • Amaterasu Solar 11:28 on November 7, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Let’s solve for psychopaths in control on OUR planet (stolen from Us by Them through “trusts” and deceit):

      I AM anti-New World Order – A Better Way

      Do You Have the Balls?


    • Fran Nowve 14:10 on November 7, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Rule of Law is just the opposite of what you mean by “psychopaths in control.” You mean an autocratic rule to benefit only the rulers to the detriment of everyone else. I think you and Tina are silly to put this on the basis of a kind of brain wiring or personality. I would rather a psychopath with good politics than an empath Republican. But whatever, rule of law means according to rules rather than whim.


      • Amaterasu Solar 21:22 on November 7, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        Not so. The psychopaths control the legal system, It is a system that allows Them to create the ILLUSION that We are in control. We “vote” and They TELL Us how We voted. In turn, “We” are to blame for bad “laws.” In Our eyes, of course. They choose what is legal, and what is illegal. And to be sure… When THEY say “rule of law” THEY mean the legal/controlmind system. But You’re welcome to Your perspective.


    • bunny foo foo 10:18 on November 8, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      The only problem with the logic in the video is no room for self defense. You would have to forcefully remove the psychopaths out of power they wouldn’t go willingly…..abusers love control too much. Also, some killing is not bad like say an accident or again self defense. If you’re an abused wife sometimes the only ethical thing to do is get rid of him permanently so you don’t have to live life in fear and so he doesn’t go on and abuse someone else creating more screwed up kids. It’s almost a civic duty at that point. People demand dogs to be put down if they are prone to attacking people. I honestly don’t know why anyone would think a psychopath would be better than an empath. Empaths are not dangerous and don’t go around abusing people. They don’t manipulate and are not predatory they are altruistic. But the reality is we live in a world with dangerous people and we have to be able to defend ourselves.


      • Amaterasu Solar 15:56 on November 8, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        bunny, Self defense is Ethical. Though there is an element of will involved, the root is reactionary. And what I propose is metaphorically pulling the rug out from under Them… They don’t “leave.” We just no longer work in Their systems, leaving Them powerless and unable to pay Other for Their dirty work. You do need to see the linked vid, Do You Have the Balls?…

        About that “abused wife” thing, when We implement the solution, wives will have options They don’t have now, not being constrained to afford to go live elsewhere, and all…

        As for dogs… They are not sentient, sapient Beings as Human are. And it’s not that We think psychopaths are better… It’s that They own and control the controlminds (they’re ALL corporations) and all large business corporations, and therefore rule the world.


        • bunny foo foo 16:11 on November 8, 2017 Permalink | Reply

          Animals including dogs are indeed sentient beings and abuse of animals is typically the starting point for most serial killers. Humans thinking that they are the only important life form is incredibly arrogant and narcissistic….it also is part of the problem going on in our world. We are in the midst of a mass extinction event because of human psychopathy as a species. If we want to turn this around then we are going to have breed the psychopath out of our gene pool, re-engineer a more empathic society and do a complete overhaul. We also need to get rid of politics and political correctness. Everyone should be temporarily spayed and neutered and be required to obtain a license for child rearing. People need to under go a series of psychological testings, take parenting classes and set aside reasonable resources for the planned baby. Our society would be drastically different if we did that one thing. True psychopaths are a cancer, one that will ultimately cost us all our very lives if we don’t pull our heads out our asses and face reality.


          • Amaterasu Solar 14:21 on November 9, 2017 Permalink | Reply

            While I agree with You that animals are sentient, they are not sapient. Indeed, many a psychopath has abused animals, but that is not the point here. We were discussing the capital punishment of a vicious dog. And genetic psychopaths are about 1% of Humanity, but because of the systems in place, They make up about 100% of Those in control. It is not required to “breed Them out,” if We cease using the systems that give Them power over Others.

            And You are recommending MORE control, MORE power over Others by Some (which draws the psychopaths), and a vast reduction of Human freedom. Sorry, but I think Your “solution” is no solution at all. It is oppressive and discriminatory.

            Meanwhile, My solution pulls power over Others out of the equation, solves for poverty, oppression, wage/debt slavery, intrusion, planned obsolescence (which creates the bulk of the waste on Our planet), and profiteering – including but not limited to war profiteering. All the while, it gives each Human complete freedom within only three simple Laws.

            Our society would be free if We did things as I suggest.


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