Presidential Psychological Assessment 

Principles of Propaganda

Psychological Assessment of the President
in our Constitutional Representative Democracy

Our government can’t or won’t force our president to submit to a mental examination. Most psychological professionals honor their “Goldwater Rule” and won’t comment publicly without personally examining Trump. They have all defaulted, delinquent in publicly sharing their observations and concerns regarding the president’s mental state. They’ve left it up to us, the citizens of America, to perform this assessment ourselves.

Maintain objectivity.
Complete entire quiz on first page
before looking at the discussion
on page two.

Rate President Trump, yourself or others.
Rate each criterion 1-12 as follows:
0 = Item doesn’t apply
1 = Item applies somewhat
2 = Item definitely applies
Keep a running total of the points, maximum of 24 points. Discussion of the ratings is on the following page.

Complete entire quiz before looking ahead to page two to avoid prejudicing your answers.

1. Glib…

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