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    The case against MRI scans 

    Long time, no post. Did you miss me?

    (answer: no, we forgot you ever existed)

    To get to the single most important reason why MRI scans mustn’t be used against psychopaths in politics, scroll down a little less than half way, and it’s all there in bold. 

    For some time, this blog and its related projects have been advocating the compulsory MRI-scanning of all politicians in America (and presumably the world) to make sure they are not psychopaths. Any psychopaths that are found are to be forcibly removed from office because, you know, they’re bound to make evil screw-ups of leaders.

    Well I say it’s only fair that the other side gets a hearing.

    Let’s set some things straight. I hate authoritarianism. I hate corruption. I hate power politics and the class of people who think it’s their right to lord it over the rest of us, to erode citizens’ powers and turn once-great democracies into corporate states. I am an advocate for people-power and for resistance against all forms of tyranny. I am also a psychopath. And, even more crucially, I am against MRI scans for politicians.

    Viva la revolución

    I have an argument for this, sure, but let me first share with you the views of a friend of mine:

    No matter how bad a choice voters make, the elected official is still the one to enact good or bad governance. A good example is Obama. He seemed like an excellent choice based on his campaign. But a very different Obama stepped into office and did things that were, in many ways, opposite of what he promised. Is this because he is a “psychopath?” And, more importantly, does it even matter? Politicians often act corruptly. They don’t keep their campaign promises. I don’t really care if the man is a psychopath or an NT (neurologically typical). He betrayed his base. Why do politicians so often do this? I suggest that even if we brain scanned all candidates and only elected NTs to office, things would go on the same way they have all along.

    There is a class of people the Occupy Movement nailed. The 1%. The richest one percent of our society has more wealth the the whole rest of us 99% put together. Money is power. The one percent will not tolerate a politician who is too intent on rocking the boat. They will either buy him or get rid of him. Getting rid of someone does not have to mean killing him. Just bestow enormous amounts of cash on the person’s opponent. Mischief managed.


    Many people have studied the problem. Marxists, for example, tell us that revolution is the only solution. The problem is capitalism. Sounds good. It doesn’t look like any of us will live to see a revolution. But who knows, surprise lurks around every corner. Hope is all we have after all.

    So Fran (my friend who is the author of the above text) points out that the problem with today’s politics is it is directed by the so-called one percent. The bankers, the CEOs, capitalists at their very worst. It doesn’t matter who’s in political office as long as they run the show, because nothing ever changes.

    I am not totally sold on this argument because I do think we can live with capitalism and I’m not holding out for a revolution. And I do think that as long as politicians are not greedy or corrupt, there is no way any corporation can assert its dominance over a government. Maybe that’s asking too much! But I think we can all agree that we should aim for the majority of our democratic representatives to be of good character. With this in mind, it is important to stipulate that how psychopathic some politicians are is not an indicator of how undemocratic or corrupt a government is. Neurotypicals are corruptible too. Some of you probably call these people “apaths” or maybe even “flying monkeys”, I just call them human. Ordinary human beings with no pathology to speak of are sometimes bad people. This is a fact.

    But let’s not get too bogged down with blame-shifting, after all I want to write a positive piece about why psychopaths might make good political leaders.

    My argument (the really important bit)
    In a democracy, where citizens are equal under the law, we all have the right to shape our society, either through voting or becoming directly involved in politics. To deny some portion of the population (i.e. psychopaths) that right (i.e. by excluding them from politics based on an MRI scan) is profoundly undemocratic and anti-egalitarian.
    In Britain, and the rest of the European Union, such a move would be illegal under the European Convention of Human Rights. In the United States, it would even be unconstitutional. Think about it. Substitute ‘psychopath’ for any other minority you can think of and imagine a law that forbids them from full political participation.
    Such a penalisation is nothing less than taking a demolition ball to democracy and destroying any hope for future equality and good relations between psychopaths and the general population. In turn, this has the potential to open the floodgates for the total exclusion, not only of psychopaths but of anybody deemed to have an “unsatisfactory” mental state, from whatever role in society anybody cares to come up with.

    But let’s put that aside for now, and instead examine the reason given for psychopaths being excluded from politics. Tina Taylor says “Policymakers who don’t have the ability to empathise when they are making decisions are naturally limited.” (and yes, that is a direct quote; Tina and I are friends, so naturally we have discussed this issue before). To me that sounds an awful lot like the argument people used to make about women or black people in politics. It is a patronising and insidious way to justify the poor treatment of others.

    And it is not true. From my perspective, not being able to easily empathise (let’s not forget that psychopaths do have empathy, so if empathy really is essential to politics, psychopaths are no more limited than anyone else) is an advantage rather than a limitation. Rather than relying on my emotions or my empathetic concern for others, I make decisions based on logic. Using the critical thinking that I have learned both from experience and my education, I weigh up all the pros and cons of every possible outcome and choose the outcome with the most pros and fewest cons. As a psychopath, I will not get de-railed by angst or self-doubt during an emotionally difficult decision. For instance:

    Psychopaths have no trouble dealing with the really tough questions politicians are faced with all the time. And they make the right decision more often than not, because they are logically compelled to do so. If you examine the professions which have the most psychopaths, you don’t just see fat cat CEOs and stockbrokers, you see lawyers, surgeons, journalists, members of the clergy, police officers, and… you guessed it, politicians! Everyone assumes that is a bad thing, and that psychopaths only excel in these jobs because of their conniving, back-stabbing ways, but if that were true, wouldn’t psychopaths be in senior positions in every job out there? What if psychopaths simply make good doctors, journalists, lawyers and politicians? What if there are millions of psychopaths out there who are among the very best examples at these socially-vital positions?

    Still not conviced? Well…

    Good and bad leaders

    I admit it, many psychopaths would and do make terrible politicians. Such historical leaders as Caligula, Napoleon and Hitler are often said to have been psychopaths, but obviously there is no way of ever knowing for sure. But just because these despicable people exist doesn’t mean they are representative of all psychopathic politicians. Tony Blair is another politician widely-cited as being a psychopath. Again, we shall likely never know for sure if he is or not, but my “psycho senses” certainly tingle when I see him. Blair’s first achievement was making the Labour Party electable for the time in 18 years, effectively bringing to an end two decades of Conservative-dominated politics. Tony’s time as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is widely remembered for notorious reasons, including joining America’s invasion of Iraq and the suspicious death of Dr. David Kelly. But his governance can also claim responsibility for the ending of war in Kosovo, the resolution to the decades-long Troubles miring relations between Ireland and the UK, the start of self-government for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and the very first Human Rights Act in Britain’s millennium of parliamentary democracy, which, among many other achievements, once and for all abolished the death penalty and paved the way for legal recognition of non-heterosexual couples and their rights to adopt children and marry. Not bad for a psychopath, eh?

    Out of a list of U.S. presidents ranked by psychopathic traits, John Adams, Andrew Jackson and both Roosevelts score near the top. John F Kennedy is at the very top. Even the truly great presidents, Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, Eisenhower, though further down, are all in the top half of the list. Also near the top are less reputable presidents such as Richard Nixon and George W Bush. The point being that there is good and bad in everyone, and just because somebody is a psychopath does not automatically mean they will be a bad politician, indeed they may be good or even great. In a similar manner, just because somebody is not a psychopath, doesn’t mean they will be a good or trustworthy leader. Whether one is a good or bad politician comes down to a person’s motivation. Those who want great wealth stand a good chance of becoming a corrupt politician. Those who are ideologically-driven to the extreme may just turn out to be a Stalin or a Hitler. And this is true regardless of a person’s ‘psychopathy status’.


    We have established that barring psychopaths from political positions is undemocratic, unfair and anti-egalitarian. We have also explored how barring them from politics is not even necessarily going to solve any of the problems and that such moves are likely to evolve into more complete segregation of society. And we have looked at what psychopathic politicians actually look like, and have pointed out that they’re not all that bad.

    Let me just finish on a personal note. I am interested in politics, I may very well one day in the far-off future stand for election. If I became a Member of Parliament (the American equivalent would be a Congressman), I would not be interested in lining my own pockets. I am not greedy for financial wealth. I don’t really like money. But I do like power. I would naturally be motivated to reach the most senior position I could. As Prime Minister, or as a cabinet minister, or just as a regular MP, I would treat the creation of a fairer, more just society not as a sacred duty from on high, or as an empathic obligation, or as the morally right thing to do, but as a challenge and a power-trip. And what better way of wielding power or of becoming immortal in history is there than being the one to end corruption, or stop war, or to redistribute wealth equally across society?

    The article I’ve quoted comes with permission from the blog of Fran Nowve. If you want to read the whole article, and I suggest that those of you with leftist views will certainly want to, click here

    If you disagree with this post, why not write a comment below? Better still, write an article in response and tell me why you believe I’m wrong. You can be sure to receive a reply whatever you decide to say.

    • @GeneticPsycho (Tina) 06:08 on October 16, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I will clarify my position that I would like politicians to be tested for psychopathy in an effort to make the voters aware of the empathy limitations, the contrariness, the tendency to go to war. James, you contradict your earlier statement to me that you would be a ruthless leader… and another time you made the statement that if you were the leader, you would sit back and do nothing and just wait out your term.


      • James 15:17 on October 16, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        That’s not true at all. I said some psychopathic leaders would do those things, and they do. I particularly said I wouldn’t sit back and do nothing like Obama appears to be doing in his last 18 months in office. The only person contradicting me, is YOU.

        You can make voters “aware” of all these things, without taking the drastic and irreversible step to banish psychopaths into the political and social wilderness.

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    • nowve666 12:50 on October 16, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Tina, there are things that must be ruthlessly combatted. The out-of- control income inequality for example, genocide, for another. Can we. truly some things without ruthlessly hating and opposing their antithesis


      • @GeneticPsycho (Tina) 14:17 on October 16, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        Are you saying that ruthlessness is related to hate? James told me that he doesn’t understand hate.


        • nowve666 14:51 on October 16, 2015 Permalink | Reply

          I’m simply saying ruthlessness against things that are against the values you represent can be democratic. I would ruthlessly oppose gerrymandering for example.


    • nowve666 12:53 on October 16, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      James, you have once more knocked it out of the park. Bravo!


    • nowve666 16:40 on October 16, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Tina, the No Masters-No Slaves doesn’t have a place for comments. So I’m commenting on it here. One of the things they emphasized is the view that genetically driven “primary” psychopaths are very rare and most psychopaths are “secondary” ones. If that is true, brain scans won’t get rid if them at all. Interesting video. Progressive in some ways and reactionary in other ways. Calling moral relativism “satanic” is reactionary. Liberalism recognizes that morality is very relative. For example, killing is against the 10 Commandments except when one kills in war or kills in self-defense or kills an animal to eat it’s flesh, etc. One can do the same with all the moral verities. Of course social Darwinism and eugenics are reactionary. Although I think eugenics can be applied in a neutral or progressive way. But so far it hasn’t been. Need I mention that many, many psychopaths don’t subscribe to those last two “satanic” values? But I guess you don’t agree with those people or you would give up using brain scans to make govenment psychopath-free.

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    • Amaterasu Solar 10:03 on October 25, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Well, MY vote is to remove systems that promote psychopaths to power to begin with. In top-down controlmind, the power over Others draws Them FAR more than the average Human. There are better ways of doing things on this planet. I offer this article to see one way:

      Wearing Black on Thursdays

      Rather than chase every politician and give Them the test – and We will find a large percentage, especially at the top, that prove to be psychopaths – stop doing things in ways that put Them in positions of power over Others.

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      • James 12:25 on October 25, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        Yet since we have established that psychopaths in power aren’t an inherently bad thing. For Hitler and Stalin, there’s a Kennedy, two Roosevelt(s), a Jefferson. I’m not saying this particularly for you, Amy, because I know you better than to believe this could persuade you, but for anyone reading your comment and thinking to herself “hmm, sounds good”. We can achieve a great society without revolution!

        May I ask, how do you react to the apparent rise in popularity of left wing politicians (Bernie Sanders, Jeremy Corbyn, the sustained popularity in Greece of Syriza)?

        Btw, do you speak German? They’ve got capitalised pronouns down to a fine art, just like you 😛

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        • Amaterasu Solar 07:49 on October 26, 2015 Permalink | Reply

          Having psychopaths in control leads to things like “geoengineering” with toxic nanoparticulates, releasing GMO to contaminate the planet, nuke plants built on fault lines, MK ULTRAesque programs, fake “news” to drive an agenda, interweb takeover, vaccines in general and FORCED vaccination in particular, planned obsolescence creating the lion’s share of waste, wage/debt slavery, Agenda 21, and a lot more on a long list. All the Kennedys, Roosevelts, and Jeffersons One can find will not affect most of this, if any. It is inherent in the systems We are using,

          My opinion of all politics is that it’s dog & pony. A show. All controlminds are corporations, and no corporation is going to let Us choose Their CEO. So the whole arena is just distraction and a way to make Us THINK We are involved.

          I know about 10 words of German… I cap Human pronouns out of respect for the co-creator Gods We are – much like scripture caps God, as well.

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          • James 11:16 on October 26, 2015 Permalink | Reply

            That’s all I needed to show the world your general nuttiness.

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            • Amaterasu Solar 09:17 on October 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply

              Which part is “nutty?” The list of psychopathic things We plainly see emerging from systems that promote psychopaths? The FACT that all controlminds ARE corporations and They are not going to let Us choose Their CEO’s? Or that I honor My fellow Humans?

              Not seeing “nuttiness” in any of the three.


              • James 09:46 on October 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply

                Well of course you wouldn’t.


                • Amaterasu Solar 09:47 on October 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply

                  That hardly answers the question.


                  • James 09:55 on October 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply

                    You’re right, it doesn’t. I’ve wasted enough time on you already.


                    • Amaterasu Solar 09:58 on October 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply

                      Well if THAT isn’t a cop-out! LOL! YOU claimed nuttiness and now refuse to explain. That leaves YOU in the bottom position. That’s OK. I agree enough time has been spent dealing with One who will not support the claims that One has made. [smile]


                      • James 10:04 on October 27, 2015 Permalink

                        Except you prove my claims for me. Any reasonable person reading your comments would think “man, what a nut”.

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        • Teresa 07:23 on January 1, 2016 Permalink | Reply

          I had a 3 year relationship with a psychopath/sociopath.

          She told me she had ptsd, which she may well have had as I happen to know she did have a shit childhood, but I think her childhood just pure turned her evil. She really had no remorse, she would feign it and I would fall for it, until i didnt anymore. I feel like im now impervious to charm lol. Charming people make me suspicious.

          She pretended to be a person she just wasnt. She even used to post on fb about how she hated domestic abusers…I fell for her ‘kind’ heart, and fell for being abused lol. I dont feel scarred now, I did, but I realised that all the time I hated her and gave her space in my head, was hurting me. I refuse to hurt me anymore :D. Anyhoo, good blog, I may favourite it.

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          • James 10:08 on January 1, 2016 Permalink | Reply

            Thanks Teresa for those kind words. Please do continue to read and share the blog with any friends you think might like it too. I’ll say no more, lest I set your suspicions off. .


            • Teresa 11:09 on January 1, 2016 Permalink | Reply

              No worries…I do think, even though I have been burned by a psychopath, that certain things about psychopathy just make good sense. Like approaching relationships from a logical standpoint, rather than emotional.

              I actually credit her too for teaching me not to fall for BULLSHIT lol.

              I also beat her up after we split lol, I went to get some stuff from her place and she had another girl there already haha. I saw red and I knew this was my chance for revenge seeing as she wouldnt want to show this new girl her true colours. True to form she made out that I was cray cray and that she was some kind of victim! LOL…She was good gotta give her that. Still atleast I got to exact some revenge in safety. 😀

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              • James 11:23 on January 1, 2016 Permalink | Reply

                And in beating her up, I guess you really showed who was the sane one!

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                • Teresa 11:39 on January 1, 2016 Permalink | Reply

                  Hahaha gosh no, I was the closest to insane, (by the time we split up), that I’ve ever been, which is probably why i did it.

                  I blamed her for my mental health and the fact that she already was wooing another victim.

                  Nowadays I take part of the blame, because I stuck around. Im also glad she moved on and left me alone (though at the time I felt jealous). I do feel sorry for any future girlfriends. Hopefully they are smarter than I was and they get out quick.

                  Btw I wanted to ask, did you ever follow the case of Casey Anthony in the US? I know you said you find it easy to spot a fellow psychopath…I always thought I saw it in her eyes….they seemed just like my ex’s eyes, but maybe I just have a vivid imagination.

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                  • James 12:02 on January 1, 2016 Permalink | Reply

                    Yeah, she’s a psychopath alright. That was an interesting case.


    • nowve666 16:10 on October 25, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Amy, I have heard of abundance economics before. The real question is not how to get psychopaths out of office but how to take power in the name of the many from the hands of the few. Scarcity economics which jus what inequality comes down to. No matter what a politician’s brain scan shows, most will succumb to the power of the rich.


    • Amaterasu Solar 10:12 on October 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Since I cannot reply, James – the reply button is under the permalink button – I will continue in a new comment. If everyOne is taught that the moon is made of green cheese, sure, Those who say it is a rock will be called “nutty.” Just because it sounds “nutty” to the indoctrinated, does NOT follow that it is indeed “nutty.” Was hoping You could be specific on WHY anything I said sounds “nutty.” Not that because it might sound nutty to Those not educated, it must be so. There’s no logic in that.


      • James 10:20 on October 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        This fucking blog’s comment chain is useless.

        I agree in principle with what you’re saying, but I also know there’s no evidence to support many of the extraordinary claims you make. If there were, you would simply post them instead of arguing semantics.

        To pre-empt what you might do next, quoting some website or book that itself has no credibility doesn’t count as ‘evidence’.

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        • James 10:21 on October 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply

          Many if not all, I should say.


        • Amaterasu Solar 10:22 on October 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply

          Again, no specifics… What “extraordinary claims?”


          • James 10:25 on October 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply

            Let’s just say that anything you say about the nature of the world, I regard as an extraordinary claim. Everything you wrote in the comment that caused me to call you nutty is an extraordinary claim. I am not giving specifics because with you there is no one thing that stands out as being especially nutty.

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            • Amaterasu Solar 10:26 on October 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply

              So You are knee-jerk reacting, and have no logical basis for Your assessment?


              • James 10:33 on October 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply

                Not at all. It is you who are making the claims, therefore it is you who must provide evidence for those claims.

                If I claimed to be sitting in bed with the Loch Ness monster right now, would you take it as red that I am telling the truth, or would you quite rightly demand that I provide evidence in the form of a selfie of me with my arms lovingly draped around the neck of the monster?

                What you are doing, in saying that I am knee-jerk reacting, is:

                Misrepresenting my position in order to discredit me.
                Drawing attention away from the fact that you have no evidence to support your various arguments about the nature of this world.
                Turning my own accusations of your lack of logic back on me, i.e. deflecting.

                Remember I have far more experience of ‘playing dirty’ than you. You can’t get one over me like that.

                Now put up, or shut up.

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                • Amaterasu Solar 10:38 on October 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply

                  When You point to the specifics You question, I will see what I can do. And asking a question is hardly a “misrepresentation.” Interesting that You took that as any kind of statement on My part… No need to answer the question that way. Heh. And use it as if I attacked…


                  I will be happy to “put up” when You point to what You doubt.


                  • James 10:58 on October 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply

                    Well, like I said, I doubt pretty much your entire worldview. There is no one specific thing that jumps out from the rest. But since you want specifics, Agenda 21 would be a good place to start. Your bizarre opposition to compulsory vaccination would be another (as if preventing the spread of disease is a bad thing).The assumption that GMOs are harmful is another. ‘Fake news’ is a fourth. Closely linked are your earlier claims that mass shootings don’t really happen. Suggesting nuke plants built on faultlines are a malicious plan rather than simply a bumbling error of incompetency, complete necessity (e.g. the whole of Japan is on a fault line, they’ve got to put their power stations somewhere) or (I don’t know the science on this) completely irrelevant to the overall safety of such a plant. Your belief in malicious “geo-engineering” and “toxic nanoparticulates”. And many, many, MANY more things you have said to me before on other threads but I cannot recall.


                    • Amaterasu Solar 12:54 on October 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply

                      The fact that most of the People getting measles are Ones who have been vaxxed isn’t a clue? The fact that the jabs are filled with toxins is what? Merely incidental? If this crap worked, You’d think They could deliver in saline or other bioinert medium just what is needed. Some of the most vile thinks persist. Why? Because psychopaths are in control. Once that is processed, the answers become clear.

                      You think the recent spate of school shootings is not staged? Logic alone will tell You this is BS. We have had guns a very long while and such events have kept themselves to one or two a century. Suddenly they are happening almost daily? Pffft. Don’t insult My intelligence by suggesting they are “just happening.”

                      My thoughts on that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cF74ibHcQAE

                      You don’t think it’s significant that a test that “proved” GMO was safe that was run by the biotech company for three month only, when repeated for two years showed an anomalous number and size of tumors in the rats? I guess We should discard that longer test, eh? Logical. LOL!

                      And You might want to research Agenda 21. It is very real and creates Human hives controlled by the psychopaths in specific spots on the planet. I think You can get a copy from the UN itself….

                      And please, don’t go putting words in My mouth. NEVER have I said mass shootings do not happen. Just that statistically they don’t happen with zero spontaneous tears and a common theme to have a way to disarm the Ones You (the psychopaths) want disarmed – more than once a decade at most. (That’s very generous.)

                      And no, My silence had to do with doing other things and setting about typing this.

                      James, You do amuse Me. LOL!


                      • James 13:27 on October 27, 2015 Permalink

                        Oh, I know Agenda 21 is real. But it’s not a mind control thing, it’s to do with sustainability.

                        I apologise for seeming to put words into your mouth, I must have misunderstood your original point.

                        And yes, I figured you were busy, I’m just an impatient bastard 😉

                        Other than that, you have yet to provide a shred of evidence to support your claims. Opinions, “logic” (evidence is not a priori, so I require more than a logical argument to convince me you’re telling the truth. I need facts. You know as well as I do an argument can be logical but false), hearsay and anecdotes do not challenge the overwhelming amount of verified and verifiable evidence against everything you’re saying.

                        By the way, you don’t have to provide the evidence. I’m not demanding you do under pain of harassment. If you don’t want to talk about this anymore, it’s not a problem with me 🙂


                  • James 12:38 on October 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply

                    Do I take it from your silence that you have no evidence, or am I just being impatient? 🙂


    • nowve666 12:24 on October 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      James, I must side with Amy on the issue of vaccinations and GMOs. You said the person making An assertion has the burden of proof. Forcing everyone to get vaccinations is more than an assertion. It’s an invasion of people’s bodies. I know. All the top science mucky mucks say Dr. Wakefield is a fraud and have was chased out of England after a nasty scandal. But come on! Do you really trust the authorities? I think a large percentage of them are just playing follow-the-leader. A few have an idea and the rest are ballast. Follow the money. Well stands to gain from mass vaccinations? Big Pharma. I know Dr. Wakefield has been accused of mercenary motives. But he stood up too an incredible wall of “expert opinion” and was driven from his country. Looks more like a man of principle losing all to take an unpopular stand. The problem is with the MMR vaccine. It uses live bacteria or viral material unlike most vaccines. The worst outcomes have occurred when all the of the toxic vaccinations are administered together, a preferred method. That is quite an assault on a toddler. They won’t even separate the vaccines into the shots administered some time apart from each other. There have been well documented cases of a normal child developing autism right after receiving the MMR. I know all the arguments. The kid was already autistic but didn’t manifest symptoms until after the shot. Coincidence. And the apparent rise in autism is just because they are defining it differently. I have heard all the lame arguments made to argue away strong evidence the powers that be want too disappear.

      But, aside from who is right about vaccination, what happened to the man who is such a champion of civil rights. Your blog about protecting democracy sounded so Jeffersonian. Shouldn’t people have the right to control their own bodies? I am consistently pro-choice in every area: drug use, abortion, labeling GMOs and vaccination. If we aren’t even allowed the integrity of our own bodies, what do we have a right to?

      I am not anti-vaccine. I get most shots available. But those contain dead organisms. I was lucky to have grown up in a time before the MMR. I got the measles. Big deal. The media is using scare tactics of a mass epidemic to keep the agenda of the Pharmaceuticals. I came by my skepticism of medical orthodoxy honestly. I ignored the standard advice and healed myself of hep c and diabetes, the former with a raw vegan diet and the latter with a cooked vegan diet. Lots of raw foodists are against even flu shots. It’s their right. I can hear you pointing out that adults have a right to control their bodies but children have to be protected from their parents’ eccentricities. In some situations I agree. But the evidence against the MMR vaccine is strong enough to leave the decision in the hands of parents.

      Finally GMOs. I won’t even get into the science of this. People have the right to know what they’re eating. What is Monsanto so afraid of? If GMOs are o.k. they should educate the public to accept them, not force them on people. Did you ever see Omen II? 92nd word: Faemad.

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    • James 12:36 on October 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      There is no credible evidence for vaccinations giving anybody autism, and there is nobody outside of a peculiar sect in your country who is even talking about it as an issue. It is a right-wing (of the Glenn Beck variety) American myth. Nobody else is buying.

      You say it is your right to have body sovereignty, I say it is my right to not be threatened by disease from some loony who won’t vaccinate her children because she thinks they might become autistic.

      There is no evidence that GMOs are or even might be harmful Indeed, science says they are fine. No wonder you won’t get into it!

      I stand by my claim. You and Amy have the responsibility to prove with reliable and valid evidence that your minority views have any credibility. This is not me siding with the corporations, this is me looking at the facts.


      • Amaterasu Solar 13:10 on October 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        Hahaha! So vax Yourself. You have no right over My flesh. And yeah, when One discounts anything outside the psychopaths’ control as evidence – “minority view” ha! – then One will not see the psychopaths at the top.

        Got other things to do, James. Do enjoy the day.


        • James 13:28 on October 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply

          OK, I understand.

          You have no evidence so you’re running away. I win.


          • Amaterasu Solar 13:48 on October 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply

            Sure. That’s it. You win. Really, convincing You is not that important to Me. There’s plenty to find on the web. Search sometime.

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            • James 14:56 on October 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply

              Perhaps you should take your own advice and look at something that contradicts what you believe. You never know, you might find yourself agreeing with it.

              Also, perhaps a psychiatrist could be of help.


              • Amaterasu Solar 14:08 on October 28, 2015 Permalink | Reply

                LOL! Dear One, I used to believe the Disney fantasy as You seem to, and it was through looking at the evidence – something(s) that contradicted what I believed – that I saw, as a guy told Me at a SciFi convention decades ago, everything I knew was wrong.

                Do You dispute the “geoengineering” with toxic materials? Are You one of those contrail theorists – never mind that labs pretty much everywhere are measuring unnatural, elevated (sometimes radically) levels of specifically nanoparticulates of aluminum, strontium, and barium, toxins, and biologics…?

                If I was a psychopath and had the money, and wanted to experiment on, deceive, kill off vast populations so as to better control Humans on this planet, “geoengineering” is mighty handy.

                Money systems promote psychopaths. There are, therefore, psychopaths at the top here. Given this, to truly understand what’s going on here on this planet, it is a great boon to accept and work with that fact.

                That last suggestion gave Me a chuckle. Clearly I am failing to think rationally here. Hahaha! Played just like a psychopath.

                I kiss You with My heart. [smile]


                • James 20:21 on October 28, 2015 Permalink | Reply

                  No, I think you’re a schizophrenic.


      • @GeneticPsycho (Tina) 13:28 on October 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        James, I want stupid people who put anything in their mouth (without a care) to eat GMO’s, so the GMO’s serve a good purpose when those people leave the earth early. Guess what I found – Autism linked to GMO’s, also “inflammatory bowel disease in the US population skyrocketed by 40% since the introduction of GMOs http://responsibletechnology.org/gmo-education/autism/

        If you are vaccinated, then you don’t have to worry about catching the disease from the non-vaccinated, right?

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        • James 13:36 on October 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply

          You’re probably right that being vaccinated protects you. I admit I don’t know much about how vaccinations work. I do know there is no evidence they cause autism though 🙂

          A page from a website that is obviously an anti-GMO campaign does not fit the definition of reliable, reputable evidence. Get me a single peer-reviewed paper published in a reputable scientific journal, then I’ll take notice. Get me several of these papers, and I might even believe you. Anything less is worthless.


          • James 13:46 on October 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply

            According to your CDC, very few people catch viruses they have been vaccinated against, and though it is possible, the numbers are too small to be significant.

            So I concede the point about compulsory vaccinations. I no longer think it is right to force a person to vaccinate himself for his own safety if that is not what a person desires.


            • Amaterasu Solar 13:50 on October 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply

              The CDC is a corporation run by psychopaths. They lied about the link They found between MMR and autism. I take everything out of there with copious salt.

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              • James 15:00 on October 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply

                OK, lol. Cuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkkkoooooooooooooooo


                • Amaterasu Solar 14:17 on October 28, 2015 Permalink | Reply

                  So say You. LOL! You haven’t checked it out, because it very much is a corporation, trade records on Dun & Bradstreet and all. I did the research, I offer the info, I’m a bit busy, You doubt, You research. [smile]


          • @GeneticPsycho (Tina) 14:22 on October 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply

            UMMMM. There are references on that page.


          • @GeneticPsycho (Tina) 14:24 on October 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply

            P.S. I like that you’re pro-GMO. Because you’re a psychopath. It actually makes sense.

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            • James 14:58 on October 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply

              I am not pro-GMO.

              I have no opinion on them. If I eat them I eat them, if not I’m none the wiser. They are not a problem.

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              • @GeneticPsycho (Tina) 15:40 on October 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply

                You are none the wiser!

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                • James 15:44 on October 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply

                  And you are? All that ‘knowledge’ in your head about GMOs is false, because you read the wrong things.

                  At least I know the difference between science and bullshit. Mainly because what I lack in scientific understanding, I make up for in bullshit!


            • James 15:03 on October 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply

              P.S. Nice job on the comment editing. You made the right choice.


    • nowve666 16:16 on October 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      James, science doesn’t say anything. People say things. Some of those people are scientists. There are scientists on both sides so out all comes down to who you believe. Dismissing a whole body of evidence as not credible hardly stands as a rebuttal. You say the burden of proof is on someone who makes an affirmative statement . You say GMOs and Vaccinations are safe So the burden is on you. Lots of people are suspicious of vaccinations, not just the fever right like Glen Beck. And many European çountries ban GMO. I’m surprised England hadn’t banned it.

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      • James 16:23 on October 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        There isn’t a “whole body of evidence” to support your side. Scientific consensus (consensus among scientists, in case you somehow think I’m talking about the Science God) says the GMOs and vaccinations are safe. It is up to those who disagree with the consensus to persuade the rest with evidence.

        You’re right for us mere mortals who don’t practise science, it comes down to who you believe. I choose to believe scientific consensus.


        • nowve666 18:28 on October 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply

          I read a book by Dr. Wakefield which told his side of things. I have heard of many cases where autism followed right after a shot. I don’t believe in coincidence. I do believe in science but I also know trends regarding “scientific consensus” has a tendency to change every 20 years or so.

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        • Amaterasu Solar 14:30 on October 29, 2015 Permalink | Reply

          Who consists of this “scientific consensus?” With about a flip-flop of the media figures that say Human-created climate affects are all about carbon, seems a very great number disagree. Fossil records say that carbon increase followed warming periods, not preceding or initiating them. (Not that some Humans don’t have a hand in the climate We see, mind You.)

          What are Your “official” sources for who qualify in this propaganda? Some of Us look at the evidence both sides bring. That is the sign of a critical thinker, eh? To assume no very ill motive to convince Us to effectively kill Ourselves here, no propaganda like PopMech’s ghastly piece in support of the official story of 9/11, no psychopaths with the wherewithal to do this should They choose to (and They would), is to assume without giving that concept fair probability.

          James, dear, when money, when accounting for the energy We each add into a system is present as a requirement to survive, psychopaths will rise to the top. And so, promoting these things as good to the masses, and never mind what evidence might actually be, is expected from psychopaths that can, as 9/11 did, do things towards many goals.

          And logic would tell Me that a whole lot more research on both GMO and vaccines would be the order of the day were not psychopaths with profit/power motives in place to force everyOne to partake – NOW!

          You play Your part, and I’ll play Mine. [smile] I do not support forcing toxins into the flesh of Ones whose rights give Them sovereignty over Their said flesh.


          • James 14:48 on October 29, 2015 Permalink | Reply

            Sorry, I don’t waste time talking to undiagnosed schizophrenics. Now unless you will provide evidence for anything you’re waffling on about, stop messaging me.


          • Amaterasu Solar 14:50 on October 29, 2015 Permalink | Reply

            [chuckle] Yup, James, You’re right. Have a nice life.

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  • James 09:34 on August 28, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , friends, , machiavellianism, , Mesdames et messieurs nous vous rappellons que la validation de votre titre de transport est obligatoire lors de la montée dans le tramway, , no homo, , , sexy italians, , that noise computers with dial-up internet make,   

    Psychopath meet psychopath 

    I am writing this in response to a comment from my favourite self-identified Human. If you want to suggest an article, you can! I’m super receptive, and shit. 

    In one of my most recent articles, I alluded to being able to spot other psychopaths in a crowd. Let me tell you about a recent time when just that happened. I was going home on the tram (like a true European), and two students got on and sat opposite me. The one on the right was grinning foolishly, his head slightly bowed even though he was by no means too tall for the tram. The one on the left was sitting straight and confident, clearly not listening to the chattering of his friend. His eyes were scanning the carriage like mine had been moments earlier, and they narrowed slightly when they noticed I was watching. He stared coldly for several seconds, until his friend cracked some sort of ‘joke’ and briefly shut up, clearly expecting some sort of reaction. The psychopath smiled at him mechanically and even let his eyes crinkle to show ‘genuine’ pleasure. You could practically see the mental pat on the back he had given his friend and the cheering effect it had on the latter’s confidence. Once again the psychopath made eye contact with me, no longer bothering to keep the contempt from his face. I looked pointedly at the friend then back at him before miming a yawn and in response he smirked. Soon after was their stop and they left, the joker trailing slightly behind.

    That what just a brief encounter. A silent, one-off meeting, with no further consequences. It is just one example of many moments of mutual recognition in my life, that are often followed by a mutual decision to keep a distance: “I’ll stay out of your way if you stay out of mine”.

    But what happens when two psychopaths actually interact? Well, the internet has no doubt made a huge difference. Being a 90s baby, by the time I was seven or eight we had a home computer, so  I don’t know how things went down before the internet, whether psychopaths would actually meet up to discuss being psychopaths, but since it doesn’t happen much these days I would assume probably not. By contrast, in 2015 there are several active online ‘communities’ of psychopaths that I know of and probably twice as many that I don’t. Psychopaths have websites and blogs that I visit on occasion; likewise other psychopaths sometimes stop by to comment here. This can have many mutual benefits; being able to communicate openly with like-minded people is one. Discussing things that only psychopaths would be interested in is another. Honing verbal sparring skills is one that is more personal to me. And yes, comparing notes on tactics occasionally plays a role too. One thing that is not usually a problem is staying out of each others’ way. We can tolerate each other precisely because we’re not targeting the same prey and do not pose a threat to one another’s existence. It can happen online, but not often enough to comment on.

    However, despite the internet’s ubiquity in the modern world, real life still exists and real psychopaths still come into real life, prolonged contact.


    In my second year of university, I shared a house with nine other people (it was a big house in a poor city, so really easy for a bunch of broke students to rent). Apart from me and the six normal neurotypicals, there was an autistic person, a neurotypical with depression, and another psychopath. We’ll call the psychopath “Matt”, because that’s his name. He is from a rich family, he was enlisted in a weird officer version of the army cadets (which, if he ever joins up for real will elevate him straight through the ranks to Second Lieutenant) and there’s not much more I could say. His personality was bland, but that might just be because I could see through the mask.

    There was certainly some common ground, and we did team up to pick on the weaker members of the group on occasion, but we were both possessive over what each of us judged to be our house, our toys. To paraphrase a song, the house wasn’t big enough for the both of us.

    Psychopath philosopher = my kind of guy.

    From the start, I had the advantage. True, it wasn’t completely one-sided as Matt is just as intelligent as, if not more intelligent than, me. And he successfully forged a closer relationship to the autistic girl, Ginny, whom he tormented. But I was better at charming the group as a whole, am much less overtly anti-social (cleaned up after myself, involved myself in household organisation – really just a way of having influence over decision-making) and my nice guy mask was more firmly secured than his. Plus I had one significant advantage, I already knew what a psychopath is, and knew that was who I was, whereas he was either completely ignorant or just waking up. And he did stupid ‘I am obviously a psychopath’ things, like reading Machiavelli’s The Prince in the kitchen, talking openly about manipulating people and not taking much care to keep his ‘relationship’ with Ginny, and all its bizarre abuse, covert. In the end, he was his own undoing. Everyone in the house knew how he’d been treating the girl by the time I acted, orchestrating in a “worried about Ginny” meeting with the two most influential neurotypical housemates. All I had to do was casually mention I’d been reading about psychopaths and thought Matt fit the bill, and the rest clicked into place. Matt was immediately discredited among the entire house, and was forced to leave within days. I had won. The house was mine. Huzzah!

    And on that bombshell (RIP), it’s time to end.

    • luvlee 15:03 on August 28, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Hahahaha one up to the smarter psycho. B.

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      • James 15:44 on August 28, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks, B. You’ve replaced the kid now have you? I was talking to her for ages yesterday.

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        • luvlee 15:47 on August 28, 2015 Permalink | Reply

          I heard. I was like don’t fuckn talk to my friend but i seen you said the other day nobody is my property. Haha. I just like having my own fuckn friends away from her. She been around for a while cos she’s trying to keep us all safe. Fuck knows why. Get to go away for the weekend and i think she’s fucked that up by telling People I’m Guna hurt her. She makes me look nuts is fuckn annoying. If i could kill her i would but now you know what that would mean. B


          • James 15:56 on August 28, 2015 Permalink | Reply

            Yeah, that would be pretty fucking stupid, haha. So, do you think you’re a psychopath? The others seem to think you are.


            • luvlee 16:02 on August 28, 2015 Permalink | Reply

              I have read about it and I have alot of the characteristics of being one. Problem being i have the others who are not. So that does not make the whole person one dammit. I torment her all the time it is fun. I recognize other psychopaths and pathetic people i can take advantage of. I’m actually excited we studying criminal justice because the best criminals make the best detectives. Or better criminals Hahhahaha and i can use my knowledge to my own personal advantage.

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              • James 16:34 on August 28, 2015 Permalink | Reply

                I’d say you probably are. I plan to keep asking for criminology info, and if you don’t tell me, one of the other idiots will 😛

                How do you torment her? How is that even possible?


                • luvlee 16:55 on August 28, 2015 Permalink | Reply

                  Easy i just say that she’s a whore slut and i cut her i had to put my name on her to remember that I’m here and don’t forget it. Brooke tried changing my name right. I’m the only fuckn one here with a half decent name. This lady got into my system and tried changing it. I can understand brooke just wanted a friend but you can’t fuckn trust anybody


                  • James 17:50 on August 28, 2015 Permalink | Reply

                    But really what I was asking was how you manage to communicate with them and how they understand you. If Bitch really is your name, that is kickass. I’m guessing the lady is the therapist?


                    • luvlee 18:17 on August 28, 2015 Permalink | Reply

                      I just think at them its thoughts. She doesn’t hear voices. It’s very hard to know who is in or thinking things but she generally is starting to notice who is who. The host i mean. We don’t communicate much with each other. I only knew of brooke and in the beginning i was in denial of her until i realised my job is to destroy her. Yes Bitch is my name and i have a twin sister brutal bitch. She is not around unless host is in extreme danger of being hurt by others. She don’t take it. Not from others outside of her family.

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                      • James 18:25 on August 28, 2015 Permalink

                        OH my god, ‘Brutal Bitch’. That’s awesome. I want to meet her. The host knows about you, though. And about Brooke. I don’t know of any of the others, though they might have already talked to me.


                      • luvlee 18:40 on August 28, 2015 Permalink

                        The host only knows about me and brooke. She knows there many others and she has a list that was revealed to her but we are the only 2 at the moment she remembers slightly as having been here. I only know brooke brooke knows quite a few of the others. She’s an inner self helper. I am a persecutor apparently. Haha fuck that. They must likely have not talked to you. And then there are fragments. Have you looked up any of this crazy shit. I can’t believe how fuckn dumb it is.


                      • James 18:54 on August 28, 2015 Permalink

                        Looked it up? No, I learn lots talking to you and the others. Haha, you ‘persecute’ them, meaning you keep them on their toes. But Brooke is a challenge to speak to, she’s guarded. What do you say to the host’s plan to exorcise you from her body? You gonna die, Bitch >:)


                      • luvlee 19:20 on August 28, 2015 Permalink

                        I fuckn get angry as fuck. How did you know about that. I was thinking about this before. Brooke and the therapist are against me. They don’t want me having any fun. They make me go away to these retreats to rest and all i wanna do is play up and I’m not even allowed out


                      • James 19:26 on August 28, 2015 Permalink

                        I know lots of things. You cause trouble, you’re going to get burnt. Unless the therapist were to no longer have so much control over your life. Now how might you make that happen? 😉


                      • luvlee 19:37 on August 28, 2015 Permalink

                        By stopping going to her. I tell her i ain’t coming back and she says she’ll leave the appointment open in case others change their minds. If i had control of them all i would stop going. I nearly did the other day but half an hour late brooke made me go. But i took the session time. Hahhahaha told the t to fuck off

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                      • James 19:45 on August 28, 2015 Permalink

                        Or, you could try something more permanent… when you know a bit more criminality , uh I mean, -ology 🙂

                        I’m going to bed, then afterwards to Spain. Bye, bitch. Bye, Brooke. And Anna of course. Play nice.

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                      • luvlee 19:47 on August 28, 2015 Permalink

                        Oh you lucky bastard have lots of fun. I know i would.

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                      • James 19:49 on August 28, 2015 Permalink

                        Have fun with no kids around!


                      • luvlee 19:50 on August 28, 2015 Permalink

                        Fuck Yeah. Hope the Bitch hasn’t penned to brooke to much otherwise i won’t be allowed to much fun


                      • James 19:52 on August 28, 2015 Permalink

                        Ooh, who are you?


                      • luvlee 20:15 on August 28, 2015 Permalink

                        It’s Bitch. I hope the therapist hasn’t Listened to brooke


    • Rivka 16:22 on August 28, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Wicked interesting reading.

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    • Lucy 11:35 on August 21, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Hey, I’ve always had a burning interest and desire for a psychopath. I only rate 25 on hares test but I think I can get better. Does anyone fancy talking?? I’m 23 year old woman.


    • Anonymous 14:12 on September 2, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      got to say I disagree with you James saying that you can spot a Psychopath in a crowd even if you proclaim to been one Yourself. If there’s one thing I know about Psychopaths is that they can read people better than most Non Psychopaths can. They can even fool other Psychopaths. Robert Hare the Godfather of Psychopathy gets asked this question a lot and he said he is No better than anyone else at spotting Psychopaths it can take weeks , months , even years before the mask slips. In Britain 1 in 100 people have a Psychopathic personality but need to score 30 out of 40 on the Psychopathy checklist to be Identified as a true Psychopath whereas the rest of the population only scores 1 or 2 on the test!


    • Ranpo 11:05 on November 20, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      haha 🙂


  • James 10:48 on July 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: ahoy shipmates, , , friends, , Horalky, , nech žije král' Johann, , neurotypicals, opinion, pity, prejudice, , , , Tatra,   

    What’s your opinion on psychopaths? 

    I recently asked a (neurotypical) friend of mine, Johann, who lives in Slovakia, the following question:

    “I wonder, how do you personally feel about the fact that psychopaths exist? And what emotions do you feel toward them, as a group. Pity? Admiration? Indifference? Or something else?”

    His reply is sensible, measured, and – I would argue – reveals a healthy attitude of tolerance we could all* benefit from emulating.

    I don’t hold grudges against any one (though I can’t stand people who hurt and torture children) so I take them as other people. They just exist and there is nothing to be done about it. My friend and you are good examples of how they can fit in our society. Although somebody once said that it’s your thought that matters and not the action, I must disagree. Actions matter most. I can even understand why you need to lie and manipulate so much. It’s probably your way of survival and getting along with people (I would never have befriended my friend if he’d told me he was a psychopath, because of fear and not because of prejudice).

    As for the ones who purposely hurt other people, well, one doesn’t have to be a psychopath to hurt others. I’ve read that all serial killers are psychopaths, but I don’t think so. There are a lot of lunatic people who actually empathise with others yet they enjoy hurting them. The most dangerous ones are those who feel pain and hatred in their hearts and seek revenge for something.

    Slovenska or Slovenija? I guess it doesn’t matter. Just don’t mention Hungary.

    I may feel a little pity, because you’ll never be able to experience genuine love. I admire a lot of people, so some may be psychopaths. I feel indifference to cruel people only. Knowing that yu exist, I try to be more careful with people, because I don’t want to end up as their target.

    I hadn’t even thought about psychopaths before my friend told me.

    The friend Johann refers to is somebody he lived with in Bratislava until recently, who ‘came out’ as a psychopath to Johann after being confronted over something naughty he’d done. This in itself is an unusual course of action.

    And now, if any of you really care, here’s what I wrote in response:

    For sure actions matter more than thoughts, because they are what actually have an effect on the world. But I do think people get a bit freaked out that psychopaths even exist, for what they are more than for what they do. I could be sympathetic to someone who said “I think psychopaths are evil because they hurt people”. I don’t happen to agree that is true, but it’s a valid enough claim. But hating psychopaths just for existing is prejudice. A form of speciesism, if those morons are right about us not being human!

    Yes I have to lie and manipulate to survive, but you’d be mistaken if you thought I didn’t enjoy it. I love messing with people.

    Ah yes, “love”. Genuinely mystified by everyone’s obsession with love, but I suppose that only serves to prove your point. But if it makes me sound any better, I am also baffled by hatred. I’ve never felt hate for any individual or group in all my life.

    “I hadn’t even thought about psychopaths before my friend told me.” A think a big part of our success is people’s ignorance. They don’t know we exist, or if they do they think we’re (i) quite rare or (ii) all serial killers.

    Personally, I think it’s amazing that psychopaths have – probably – been around for all of human history, yet their existence was only first ‘discovered’ less than one hundred years ago. Like penicillin. Or radioactivity.

    Tatra Mountains, Europe, Beautifulo autumn sightview

    I promise I’m not sponsored by ‘Visit Slovakia’, but just look at this gorgeous landscape.

    Do you agree with Johann? If not, how would you respond to my question? Are you one of those who believe a lack of conscience is inherently evil regardless of how an individual behaves? I would love to hear from you in the comments section below. Be as rude as you like.

    Thanks very much, Johann, both for your brilliant answer and for agreeing to let me publish some of our conversation. You’re the best. 

    *Obviously I don’t need to learn to be more tolerant of psychopaths. But I could certainly improve my attitude to neurotypicals.

    • Amaterasu Solar 21:55 on July 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      There was a glitch in the system & I was unable to see a reply section on this page. So I made a blog post in response – this is what I said:

      I was moved to respond to James’ article, What’s your opinion on psychopaths?, but it seems that is the only page I do not get a reply box or even see replies on.

      What I wanted to add is that I don’t have an opinion of psychopaths, per se, but that I judge ALL, Each by whether They choose to remain Ethical. If They don’t break the three Laws of Ethics (also called Common Law), it’s not My business to impose, and if They are pleasant, I tend to like them a lot.

      In fact, I suggest this would be the approach statistically all of Us would choose in the abundance paradigm. [smile]


      • James 06:38 on July 28, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        I’m not sure why you were prevented from writing a comment, that’s odd.


        • Amaterasu Solar 08:51 on July 28, 2015 Permalink | Reply

          Seems it was just a glitch. Tina fixed it for Me. [smile]


          • James 09:42 on July 28, 2015 Permalink | Reply

            You shouldn’t be bothering Tina, she’s got a lot to do at the moment!


            • Amaterasu Solar 11:30 on July 28, 2015 Permalink | Reply

              Actually, I mentioned to a friend on twitter that had commented to both of Us, and so Tina saw My reply. She took care of the problem [smile]

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              • James 11:47 on July 28, 2015 Permalink | Reply

                Isn’t she a wonderful human being? 🙂

                Please, see my post on ‘Ethics’ (I’ve forgotten the name of my own article…)

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    • Frances Nowve 03:20 on July 31, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I am somewhat confused. So you ARE a psychopath. Since you wrote this under a heading “No Psychos, No Druggies, No Stooges” that you were AGAINST us. Well, in spite of that strange heading, I’m glad you are not. As a psychopath, myself, I think we are great. More interesting than most people. I am damned tired of people ragging on us, calling us “evil” and inhuman. I liked your friend’s response. Very even handed as you said. I liked what you said at the end about neurotypicals.


      • James 07:04 on July 31, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        That’s just cognitive dissonance you’re feeling.

        Neurotypicals are typically boring and irrational people, so it will take all of my willpower to improve my attitude.


      • James 07:17 on July 31, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        Also, I see you’re an advocate for Slytherins. Now that’s an unfairly maligned group if ever there was one. They’re not even all psychopaths, just intelligent strategic people, and they’re constantly treated like the villains.

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    • Frances Nowve 16:59 on July 31, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks, James. I would click “like” but I’m having password issues. How not unusual. 😉


    • Paola 08:59 on April 23, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      “Coming out” is the term that is truest. One last drama/trauma night and there he was. It’s been a year now. The shock has wore off. Reality has come home to stay. Ignorance is bliss is no longer an option. In the end I don’t know what or how to feel for or about him , “the stranger” in our faux relationship”. I accept that I was genuine and honest. In the end it’s all that matters. This chapter ended. Life goes on…


    • andrew 10:12 on November 2, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Being called a psychopath is a form of moral judgement. It is not based on anything the person has, only what the society thinks he is. When you really think about it, it’s a label by a bunch of conformists for a person who does not conform. As a consequence, I can not accept the existence of this label.
      I grew around people, yet I was vastly different. I have my own personal code of ethics. And I have extremely high standards. Unfortunately, most dont try and fall very very short. It would make me mad when I had tondeal with others and see betrayal and lies and plain stupidity. I got told “to err is to human” and I would say, “if that is the case, then it sucks to be human”

      One day, someone studied me for a lengthy time, testing me without my knowledge, finally told me I was a psychopath. Then I had to dig this up and I have to disagree with a lot of that bunk.. Here’s why:

      She was hard working, extremely emotional and got upset by little things to a point where she could barely function. I am not ruffled no matter what happens. I prepare to pick up the pieces after the hurricane, as someone is bound to do, and it might as well be me as the next person. Things never work perfectlly, so one should always be proactive and a bit detached, while also working xooperatively with others.
      All human beings practise manipulation, its just that some have worked that into an art form of unparalled skill.
      Those who try to complqin about psychopaths are hypocrites who are looking to create a new group of people to hunt down as witches. What you think, is your own concern, what you do houkd be rewarded or punished. The basis of law, government, and human endevour is based on actions, not thoughts.
      What I am basically saying, is that the study of Psychopathy is an insidious trap that all people of unencumbered mind have to avoid. DO NOT FALL INTO THAT TRAP.
      It is a trap laid by the weak, to fetter the strong. You are not responsible for another person’s condition. Empaths, as they call themselves claim tonfeel another’s pain, but what exactly are they doing with theor life?
      Those who think they are psychopaths need to avoid blogs like a plague and study human history, and in doing so, you will find you have a place in it, a better place than 99.5% give you, an animal dressed like a human to be hunted down and shunned.


      • @GeneticPsycho (Tina) 11:45 on November 2, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        Hi Andrew, thanks for sharing. Since the label psychopath has a bad reputation, what do you want to be called?


      • James 18:26 on November 2, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        I am inclined to agree with most of everything you wrote, Andrew. Other than checking in on comments occasionally (yours is an illuminating one), I’ve pretty much abandoned this blog, and through losing the desire to write about psychopathy, I’ve also moved a long way from thinking of myself as a psychopath, or as an anything. After a frankly miserable few years of consciously embodying psychopathy, I’m just going to be me, and fuck all labels, because none of them fit.


    • andrew 14:09 on November 29, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I don’t know what you should call them. But I know psychopath is not a good term to use. They lump all the corrupt politicians, serial killers, and all the misguided but powerful people being rebelled against,’psychopath”.
      And that’s ridiculous to the highest degree. The psychopath label comes with a lot of problems. I need not repeat them. A lot of sensationalism, no doubt pushed by the media, has pushed the narratives about psychopathy in the general population. The criminals, wishing a piece of fame, closet paranoids though they are, rejoice in committing crime, the grislier the better, for a slice of fame. And the public turns around and points, “a psychopath”.
      So the issue here is not that psychopathy has come out in the open at all, no. It is that the society has changed. The rules that worked in defining human behaviour no longer work, and the psychologists are trying very hard, unsuccessfully, to blame some people for their failures. The people who CAN commit crimes without feeling sorry for them. Operative word is CAN.
      After the study by Robert Hare, the cat is out of the bag. I have read enough history to predict the behaviour of groups of people, and the witch hunts will cone one day.
      Gone will be Innocent till proven guilty. Gone will be trial by incidental facts alone. The assumed fact of being a psychopath will be enough to get those who don’t pass the ball put away. This is the game, those who pass the Psychopathy buck are playing.
      We have , at this time, almost universal betrayal of populations by their elected officials, commerce controlled by those who can pay for the privilege to get the chance to deny the rest either opportunity or the fruit of their labor, we have drugs ravaging most neighborhoods, and i doubt most are certain they could keep their jobs if they dared to do what was right, rather than “follow the rules”.
      I pointed out very big, systematic problems, and we have not even started discussing the horrific school system.
      But apparently, that guy who lives next to you, that you might work with, who wants to succeed and wants nothing to do with you unless his life demands it, poses more problems to you than the systemic problems you face daily and you don’t even bother to do something to help yourself.
      For those who think they are psychopaths, think hard. There are consequences for others like you. If you are not a misguided person messing it up wholesale for others, don’t identify with those who do.

      For the NTs, at.the end of the day, we are people. We have laws. We have various systems we use. We have science. Being a victim does not make the other person evil. It does make you weak. You must assume responsibility for your behaviour, good or bad.

      It is time to put this label away. It is a label that misinforms, and which has created a lot of misunderstanding.


      • @GeneticPsycho (Tina) 15:21 on November 29, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        You think: “Being a victim does not make the other person evil. It does make you weak. You must assume responsibility for your behaviour, good or bad.”

        Anybody could be a victim, even you. Victims may be unaware, but they aren’t weak, and can’t “assume responsibility” for the antisocial behavior of the victimizer. The victimizer has ALL of the responsibility for forcing their own agenda on other people.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Amaterasu Solar 15:27 on November 29, 2016 Permalink | Reply

          Yeah, Tina. Victim-blaming. “I chose to screw You over. It’s YOUR fault what I chose to do because YOU’RE weak!” Pffft. The One who chooses the unEthical behavior is responsible.

          Liked by 1 person

    • andrew 12:55 on November 30, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      And you have a responsibility for your own existence. Never ever forget that, at the end of the day, your existence is your own responsibility, so choose wisely. Don’t take the wrong viewpoint on this, which is, you are getting blamed. The viewpoint is you must toughen up so you are not taken advantage of so you become a more effective person overall. A victim is someone in a condition of weakness. While victims should be protected, being a victim is not an ideal state of existence, being an effective person, is.


      • @GeneticPsycho (Tina) 21:03 on November 30, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        People don’t need to “toughen up”. They need only learn. The only reason you feel superior to others is because you were taught some things before other people got the chance to learn it. You weren’t born with knowledge, yet you expect others to be on the same page? Being the first to learn something may put you in a better position in the game, but that doesn’t mean a weakness of the other players.

        Liked by 1 person

    • andrew 07:51 on December 1, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      You are weird. You are too busy trying to get into other people’s heads to really think for yourself. Where is this superiority crap coming from? Is it possible that your feelings already got involved and have already interfered with your ability to think? This is the proof you need to dump the psychopath label. Someone is seriously confused, and it sure isn’t the guy labeled a psychopath. But being right doesn’t guarantee success, being intelligent and capable does.
      The supposed psychopathic traits are subjective labels by people who are overwhelmed ny their feelings. Embracing their label means you give up your individuality, freedom, free viewpoint, in exchange for what?

      In exchange for being a pariah and being branded a monster and losing any benefits you have with no objective reason? Where is the empathic understanding here? I, for one, are not holding my breath. How can you do any thinking when your feelings are involved? What makes one human, the ability to think or the ability to feel? The good thing, is the real beast is out in the open. The real beast is people are giving up their ability to think, and embracing the ability to feel.
      This has nothing to do with stopping crime, indeed, it never did. It is a kind of manipulation whose goal is to force people into a collective mindset through manipulation. To stop crimes and all the problems we have to do, all you have to do is enforce the law and be unreasonable with criminal activities of any kind. This psychopath crap creates more problems than it solves.


      • @GeneticPsycho (Tina) 20:34 on December 1, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        You said, “You are weird. You are too busy trying to get into other people’s heads to really think for yourself.”

        Everything you say indicates that you think you are superior. Then you contradict yourself quite often. First, you try to lambast me: ” Is it possible that your feelings already got involved and have already interfered with your ability to think…”

        AND THEN you complain, ” Where is the empathic understanding here?”

        Make up your mind.

        Liked by 1 person

    • andrew 07:58 on December 2, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Your opinions and your feelings are so damn important, so you think. You think I really care about your opinion and the truth is I care only so much as it has communication value, and that’s as far as it goes. As far as the inferiority complex, who cares what you think? If one could even call this, thinking. It’s difficult to be personal to do someone who has no “person” about them


      • @GeneticPsycho (Tina) 09:43 on December 2, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        You are really going off the track. Yes, my opinions and my feelings are really damn important. Aren’t everybody’s?

        I don’t expect you to care. You are a psychopath, and by definition, you have a brain condition preventing you from caring about people. So, let’s go back to discussing why you’re here – to defend psychopaths from empaths. You actually made good points about societal flaws.

        People are generally controlled by their emotions – however, we can learn to put them aside with practice. Empaths have the ability to expand our views to see it from the other side. Psychopaths cannot learn to use emotion, and have completely one-sided viewpoints.

        I was made to be emotional and caring. I wouldn’t have it any other way. So, although I can see your side, and I wouldn’t like to live it.

        When you commented on this blog under the name of “Jul”, you wrote: “Only a stupid one would own up to being a psychopath. They are indeed not good people at all. Without a lot of internal effort, they can wreak havoc. One of these can make a terrible parent or a life partner. But there is a caveat….if you mishandle them. And Lucy, that’s how you messed up. You did not know the creature you married.”

        Well, you have been “branded a monster” by yourself. Where do we empaths go from here?

        Liked by 1 person

    • andrew 16:23 on December 2, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      You are as objective as they come, I observe rather sarcastically. The comments I wrote are meant to warn those who might not see the trap of being dumb enough to look at themselves through the eyes of such “an enlightened being” as yourself. My point is “enlightened beings” like yourself are setting the rules on who and what to do with a group of people you have decided you dont like. The only side that gets heard, is the empaths, the “harmed”, the “good”, the “sheep”, the angels, the “victims”.

      I don’t care for your crappy sense of ethics, or your sense of justice, or your sense of perception, because, truth be told, you can’t see past your face, and your feelings, and beyond your pathetic life. But that does not mean if you have enough dumb people, you can’t make life for others, because you can.

      Look at earth today, and all the misery you see around you, is not due to psychopaths, but due to evil people(being evil and a psychopath are not inclusive), and what can be called collective stupidity.

      Well, Tina, thanks for saying something. I got what you said, seriously, I did. Unfortunately, it doesn’t apply to the here and now so I’ve lost interest. My intention was to warn others of dangers looming in the background, and that, I have done in a few posts.

      The warning is: don’t identify with the psychopath label because it is a sure way to ruin your social life. Don’t identify with any of the criteria as they were done by NTs who had an axe to grind against someone. In any case, there is nothing flattering at all bout those traits. And lastly, there is absolutely no differentiation here. They lump big criminals, petty criminals, good people, crooked lawyers and politicians, all because “they have no conscience” which is a religious term and should have no basis in a scientific journal in that it can not be seen, much less measured.

      Psychological study at it’s very best.

      I have a good reason for not trusting NTs. I learnt the hard lesson not to, a long long time ago. I love people, you just have to prove your worth, and no man is truly equal to another, no matter how much Karl Marx says its true.


      • @GeneticPsycho (Tina) 17:18 on December 2, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        You have never met anyone as objective as me in regards to living openly with psychopaths. You write with such contempt that it is an unwelcome read. Psychopaths have such a hard time with conversation. What is so pathetic about my life? Please give details. That you care not for my sense of justice or ethics makes no difference because you are stuck with us. Your very limited understanding of the disturbing feeling of conscience makes you disregard it as a religious term, when in fact it is a physical phenomenon of the NT nervous system. You are the one who comes across as dumb and trapped. It is best for you to hide because you are the weak one. And I say that without the slightest flicker of emotionality towards the subject. Now I’m bored.


    • Andrew 15:01 on December 4, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      This site is full of your responses to one thing or another. Can’t read a single post without your ridiculous comments about the wonders of feelings and empathy. Do you own this site? The way you act sort of reminds me of the you-go-girl culture prevalent in the west today.

      You have never met anyone as objective as me in regards to living openly with psychopaths-@GeneticPsycho (Tina) 14:18 on December 2, 2016.

      After forcing myself to read some of the snot that you post here, I am not so sure about that. You would give whatever group you were a part of, a bad name. Misery loves company, so I am pretty sure you won’t be lonely. There will be a lot of “victims” wishing for “protection” who will be a part of your group against “those without a conscience”

      James has made a mistake in engaging you in numerous times. I doubt you ever really read what he writes before you look for one thing to prove him, anyone else who vaguely disagrees with your tightly held beliefs about life.

      There are places where people like you are not allowed to comment on blogs. And it is precisely because of what you seem to have done here. You spam anyone who tries to discuss anything. You seem to give little thought to anything you say. Everything you say is calculated for effect value only. It has no purpose to inform or even to discuss. You distract attention from issues being discussed, back towards yourself.

      If anything Tina, you would be the real psychopath on this site. You try to terrorize anybody who doesn’t agree with you. In fact, I will now nickname you, PsychoTina. I have never met anyone as objective as PsychoTina about psychopaths, because you are the real psychopath here. You are the only one who fits all of these traits to a T.

      PsychoTina, you are the only actual Psychopath on this site.


      • @GeneticPsycho (Tina) 05:37 on December 10, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        You don’t even realize how disordered your thoughts are. (Psychopaths contradict themselves.) You start out by saying I’m full of feelings and empathetic, then you end by saying I’m a psychopath. Typical psychopathic raving.


    • andrew 22:40 on December 11, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Your disordered and childishly simplistic thinking has been exposed for one and all to see. Thanks for illustrating why you must not submit to testing and whatawaits you if you put yourself in the hands of our “loving” and “empathic” brethren.
      One day we might have a world that runs on empathy, on that day, only the victims will have rights, and they will be entitled to everything because they “need it”-oh wait, we live in that world today. We have hell on earth today.

      Empathy as preached by Jezebels like yourself, not good forthis planet.


      • @GeneticPsycho (Tina) 01:49 on December 12, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        Ok, throw in a little name-calling and the expected psychopath tantrum. It is also a psychopathic trait to see the world as black and white. According to you, the world runs on empathy. Wrong. Regular people have empathy for their family, friends, and chosen group. Outside of that, there is little empathy, but it can be taught. As opposed to psychopaths who have no empathy, not even for family. People who are capable of destroying their own family are even more capable of destroying all of society.

        Someday, with awareness training, we won’t need MRI psychopath testing of politicians because everyone will see you psychopaths plainly.


    • andrew 03:08 on December 12, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Tina, you don’t get the point at all. This empathy stuff, ok. What does empathy have to do with dealing with criminal activity? Prosecute all crimes! You were obviously betrayed by someone, and it really stung. So what are you going to do now? Start a witch hunt on peoplr like him? Has it occurred to you how more fulfilled your life would have been had you simply moved on?
      Why are you so concerned with how people conduct their lives? It would make sense to help them when you have set your own life in order, and youndefinitely have some personal problems of your own from the looks of it.
      How much history have you really read? How much do you really know about government? About western civilization? About the last 2500 years of it?Do you know how and why those civilizations collapsed, amd what the politicians of those times did?
      You are taking a faulty study by Dr. Hare, and implementing the solution with absolutely no thought of practical comsequemces, or even real life practical merits, the ones that I point out, see you gross over, and you are too busy looking for the psychopath to see the truth.
      Until you employ some effort, and study the efforts employed by men in forming a civilization, you should not sit there with your holier-than-thou attitude bashing a small minority of people. All cilizations werenstarted by a single individual or a small group of people. All inventions weredone by single people who had to fight the minority to be given a voice. Get that right. Only individuals, figjting againt a majority of people, have ever built anything of value on this planet. Prove me wrongnTina. Go ahead.
      The study of psychopaths, as done today, is a faulty study. That’s not to say we don’t have a criminal element in society, but it is not who you think it is.
      Tina, do your homework. It might a while to do it. A person should understand what problem they are trying to solve, and I am challenging you to do it, for real. If you really care about people, find out for yourself the efforts they habe spnt creating civilizations in the last 2000 years.


      • @GeneticPsycho (Tina) 08:52 on December 12, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        You assume a lot by saying: “You were obviously betrayed by someone, and it really stung. So what are you going to do now? Start a witch hunt on people like him? Has it occurred to you how more fulfilled your life would have been had you simply moved on?
        Why are you so concerned with how people conduct their lives? It would make sense to help them when you have set your own life in order, and you definitely have some personal problems of your own from the looks of it.”

        None of that microfiction makes any sense since you don’t know anything about me. I grew up in a family of psychopaths. I personally know well a large number of psychopaths. That is where my study comes from, not Dr. Hare. What I want is a level playing field where everyone knows what psychopaths really are – not psychotic serial killers – but, just people who think that the rest of us are their weak little playthings. I have said nothing about psychopaths being the criminal element of society.

        This is me – personal problems and all, moving on happily, setting my life in order. Get over it.


    • andrew 11:22 on December 13, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I don’t know about you, but I know what personal info I have gathered from a cursory look at your site. I did get that info from your site. The raison d’etre of your site. Thanks for the info on how you think and how you arrive at your conclusions.
      I could complain about the prejudice you, and a lot of others have, but I am glad to have the info so I am forewarned about those who have had their feelings hurt,and base their life’s mission on negative episodes. Nothing wrong with that, of course.
      Keep up with the good work, I will visit to check up periodically. It’s always a good thing to check up on different places to see how things are getting along.
      As a human being to another, I wish you success in your life’s mission as far as YOU are concerned. As far as anything else, it’s up to you.
      The road to evil is paved witj good intentions…….TOWARDS OTHERS


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