What is a psychopath? A liar. Why are they so puzzling? Neurology

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Psychopathy is a Developmental Disorder (genetic birth defect) | not Antisocial Personality Disorder –Dr. Blair, Chief of Affective Cognitive Neuroscience at The National Institute of Mental Health ref.

  • Psychopathy as a Clinical and Empirical Construct : The PCL-SV was developed with the goal of creating a shorter psychopathy assessment that could be used to assess psychopathy in noncriminal settings and to screen for psychopathy in criminal settings. The PCL-SV consists of 12 items derived from the 20-item PCL-R. For the present article, we employed the four-factor structure recently proposed by Hare (2003).

    ~Three PCL:SV items assess an arrogant, deceitful interpersonal style (Facet 1): superficial, grandiose, and deceitful;

    ~3 items assess deficient affective experience (Facet 2): lacks remorse, lacks empathy, and does not accept responsibility;

    ~3 items assess an impulsive and irresponsible behavioral style (Facet 3): impulsivity, lacks goals, and irresponsible; and

    ~3 items assess antisocial behavior (Facet 4): poor behavioral controls, adolescent antisocial behavior, and adult antisocial behavior.

    The 12 items together provide an overall index of psychopathy.  https://nopsychos.files.wordpress.com/2015/01/psychopathy-as-a-clinical-and-empirical-construct-hareandneumannarcp2008.pdf

Are there psychopathic children?

Psychopaths in the Workplace