Psychopaths Unmasked

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Different Guys I dated:

  • “I don’t know how old my kids are now because my ex-wife keeps them away from me.”
  • “I actually like that extra weight on you.”
  • “Don’t expect special treatment when you come to my office, because my customers always come first.”
  • Sent me a text saying that he “couldn’t wait” to kiss me, then when we finally got together he just gave me a hug.
  • Told me that he forgot to send me his work address because he was forgetful. During an unrelated conversation a few days later, he said, “My mind is a steel trap.”
  • “I don’t give a damn about you,” he said “jokingly”.
  • Always has a well-practiced sing-song “so happy to hear from you” tone when answering the phone. I fell for that voice – it made me feel important. Every caller thinks they’re special in his eyes although nobody really is.
  • “I sometimes don’t answer you right away because I have to think about my answers.” In response to my asking which color did he prefer.
  • “Hitler did some good things, too. He lowered the unemployment rate.”
  • Put words in my mouth: He thought it was funny to tell the waitress that I said she should not get a tip. He had been abusing her with “jokes” all night. She was visibly disturbed, and by the end of the meal, I knew he was just another psychopath.


 Mitch McConnell

  • I am a proud guardian of gridlock.
  • Our strategy is to delay this sucker as long as we possibly can, and the longer we delay it the worse the president looks…
  • The only chaos we have in the Senate is because of Senate Democrats.
  • Winners make policy, losers go home.
  • The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.


“Teaching people is the same in my mind as making them laugh or making them attempt suicide: it’s power over someone’s thoughts, over their life.”

  • I can care for others to an extent, but never more than I care for myself.
  • It’s hard to know when I’m lying and when I’m not. There’s not a big qualitative difference between the two.
  • I would greatly inconvenience myself to save my own mother’s life. I wouldn’t give up my own life or long-term wellbeing for anybody.
  • There is no better way to dehumanise someone than by realising you can control their thoughts and feelings through words alone.
  • There are no problems with ‘evil’ thoughts; I let them flow whenever. I absolutely think about bashing this man’s head in, or raping that woman on the ground when I’m out and about. As far as not acting on any of these thoughts goes, I just exercise self-control, it’s not hard. And it works – the worst assault I’ve ever committed was only knocking someone out with a log and I didn’t even get in trouble because he believed it was an accident.
  • When I was in school my favourite torture tool was a mathematical compass – not sharp enough to break the skin or leave any noticeable mark but is still painful when repeatedly jabbed into skin. I gave that up around 15 too.
  • To be honest with you (may we start as we mean to go on!) I find some aspects of empathetic people’s thoughts and feelings repulsive. For example , what you might see as self-sacrifice, I see as shameful weakness and betrayal of the self. Is my reaction an unbiased one? Of course not, we perceive things only as we are permitted to. And just because I am disgusted by such people doesn’t make it objectively true.We cannot condemn others because we personally do not like what they are. So we must act with acceptance, understanding, empathy (to the best of our ability :)) and, yes, initial wariness and constant mindfulness.
  • Here’s a way to mess with a psychopath, adopt a permanent sarcasm interlaced with intermittent sincerity. That would be very disorientating, “scramble the circuits” as it were.
  • Sure I got my feelings hurt before, but that’s in the past, and they’re only feelings!
  • I do give (fake) sympathy to others if they need it. I totally pretend to sympathise when their grannies or their cats or their spouses die, or when they’re sick or made unemployed or whatever. A friend of mine recently lost her grandfather (“where did you lose him?”, as I would have asked when I was younger) and I was far more sympathetic and understanding than the other friends. I let her talk and cry for weeks and made up stories that were similar to her experience that related to her situation. And I didn’t patronise her with “poor baby”. What did the other friends do? Bleat “Ohhhhh, I’m sorrrryyyyy”, look anguished and lost and then awkwardly change the subject.
  • “Imagine that everyone you knew, even people you supposedly ‘loved’ were like strangers to you. The kind of strangers you drive past every day without thinking about. Like people of a far-off country with completely different values, feelings and ideas to you. How could you possibly form a proper attachment to them, especially when they seemed so slow and plodding compared to yourself?”



Excerpts from (Written by a psychopath)

Jay Jones, Self Aware Psychopath

Answer on @Quora by Jay Jones to Can sociopaths act kindly?


  • To be a self aware psychopath is to be a ruthlessly efficient master of your own destiny. Happy hunting.
  • From a psychopaths point of view, typical people have been brainwashed or indoctrinated into societal norms, and have turned this in on themselves. They don’t just act for their own gratification, purpose and survival, they have been duped into doing the bidding of society at significant cost to themselves. They act on morals rather than being true to themselves.
  • Although psychopathy isn’t a disorder, many psychopaths are “disordered” and it is still researched as such in many countries.
  • There is a difference between sociopaths and psychopaths. Basically, sociopaths are made and psychopaths are born…In practical terms, most sociopaths are far pettier than psychopaths, their dampened prosocial emotions leads to them acting on trivial petty emotions with a strong selfish and self centered sociopath approach.
  • Sociopaths are disorganised, irrational and have trouble keeping their right hand brain from wandering out of control psychopaths are organised and very rational and excel at keeping their wits when others get emotionally distracted.
  • I have never quite understood this want or need to socialize… We learn by mimicking that which is around us, body language for instance is culturally subjective, but as children we learn that shaking hands on introduction is the polite thing to do, and we then do the same. Monkey see, monkey do.

  • [The] psychopathic child is told he shouldn’t feel like he does, he shouldn’t want what he wants, that he should be like the good little boys, he should feel this way. This sets up a level of duality and deceit as the child learns they aren’t accepted as themselves, that being themselves brings punishment, but when they pretend or do what everyone else thinks is right, they are left alone.
  • For many psychopaths anger is the most prevalent emotion, and although on the one hand we are said to not feel as strongly and to have better ability to control our emotions, we are also impulsive and lack many of the behavioural controls typical people have, and we don’t have the fear levels to hold us back. Violence can be gratifying so it has its own intrinsic reward, like your snacking analogy. We are emotional  creatures, and we can be quite sensitive when it comes to our own feelings. I love the feeling of braking loose, getting violent and making people cower and/or submit.
  • When dealing with a psychopath, best bet is to assume there is a shit load of anger and violence…Psychopathic rage is like a chimpanzee rage, and can be kept inside and let loose as instrumental violence.

  • A bus load of children died today….what the fuck do I care…I’m supposed to feel bad now? lol. Oh I see, you want charity donations…get fucked.
  • Sometimes a seemingly innocent harmless comment by societal standards [is otherwise to me]; I “read” that the person showed a judgemental discriminatory attitude against me … and thus their position in my mind just went from harmless acquaintance who may be of use, to the enemy… They then “read” my deathly vibe as out of proportion, getting set off by something small…
  • (Q:Do you have a desire for “normal emotions?”) A: …if I would like to exchange my rational,calm,strong,flexible nature and sharp perception, for a roller coaster of irrationality,chaos and confusion,weakness and lack of adaptability along with a much reduced ability to perceive reality. You can keep that pill…Intellectually speaking, all that repression against our very nature, all those prosocial feelings to make you guilty,scared,lonely….what is the benefit again? Oh right, you all feel like you belong, and you have love. Quite content over this side of the fence thanks.
  • The longer I live the more I realise that I just don’t have those bonds, I may still be happy to see someone, to catch up with an old friend, but there isn’t anything much beneath it all. I could cross anyone if it suited me.
  • I have had best friends who I would do almost anything for, but If I had to leave town for whatever reason, I would not feel anything towards them, wouldn’t feel inclined to ring them unless I was thinking of my future self interest.

What motivates psychopaths?

Gleaned from Facebook

  • I just wish there was a video game where you can rape. Closest I’ve found was GTA where I’ll bang a hooker, then kill her.
  • My friends only last around 3 weeks at the most usually. I don’t see the point anymore.
  • i have friends who have told a girl straight up i have antisocial personality disorder and the first phase is them not believing my friend then step 2 is they think they are special and different and he cares about them step 3 hes cheating or talking to a lot of other girls and breaks up them and they’re like how could i ever have possibly expected that to happen lmao
  • I look at the humans and I know I technically am one but I feel that having the ability to cut out love and empathy makes me more evolved, as do my abilities to watch, stalk, and hunt them. I don’t consider myself to be a part of the normal human race but instead I feel that I’m something else above them. Like mankind looking at monkeys.

  • Being born without empathy and the ability to love should be seen as having an edge in this world.
  • I certainly don’t see myself as part of humanity, part of society. I feel like the world’s problems do not concern me, like I’m just a visitor and observer. Maybe I was an alien in a previous life. It’s not my world, not my people.
  • I don’t give other humans anymore thought than the ant I probably stepped on this morning.
  • I have no empathy, sympathy, or guilt, I seem to benefit more from not having them. It’s boring to conform to our society’s “morals”, why not be unique and benefit from your traits rather than just suppressing them and act like they don’t exist?
  • Good people don’t try to be good, and bad people don’t try to be bad.

  • I recognized that I was far against the normal child and even throughout my teen years…I have always known there was a disparity amongst myself and the overall mass population. I always had the mind to get away with things and I still do. That mindset was not a factor that followed some life change; it was innate with me.
  • When I was diagnosed with psychopathy, I already knew I was something to that effect; I knew I was different from others. Hell, I started noticing I was different from others at an early age, but didn’t start to do my own research until I was about 17 or so. Which was around the time doctors had started to mention more and more about my anti social behavior to my parents. My mom didn’t want to believe shit and my father had nothing good or bad to say to it. Then again, My father is also a diagnosed psychopath.
  • My mom does have cancer, I’m waiting for her to hurry and die before my inheritance is gone.


 Excerpts from

  • The psychopath cannot be expected to show genuine love.  Possession comes close…
  • A friend must command my respect and grant me enough value such that I feel obligated to help them when they call for me. So far, only one currently has this designation and even then I’m somewhat hesitant to embrace the term. He may be a de facto friend by the definition, but he does not hold a place in my heart. Then again, I doubt anyone ever will.
  • For most of my life, I have lived by the creed of “trust no one“. After all, it is very difficult to trust when you know of what you yourself are capable of.
  • There are some misguided souls that believe that psychopathy can be cured. Maybe if we are shown the love that others are, maybe our hearts will soften. Maybe if the deal is good enough, we won’t backstab. Maybe if we reach down deep enough we will find a metaphorical scared child unable to function in the world. Or, maybe we can face reality and remember that personality disorders are for life. There are no cures, merely strategies for limiting the damage.
  • My therapist often reminds me of my distorted thinking. I tend to assume the worst case scenario when presented with any situation.
  • Psychopaths tend not to regret what they do except for those actions that hinder their abilities to be successful. Rather than dwelling on what could have been, we move on to different partners, different jobs, different geographic locations, and so on.

  • Certain behaviors: Manipulation, lying, parasitism, and so forth are unavoidable. Criminality and/or violence need not result, however.
  • I make more than the rest of my family combined, yet I’m always looking for handouts.
  • Multiple marriages become common as the psychopath bleeds one spouse dry only to find another. Psychopaths are human leeches.
  • I wooed my ex-husband with the greatest flattery and charm and then disregarded him when we actually became married.

  • The night after the marriage ceremony, I ignored him. I had a fine bottle of Jack Daniels and some books to read and games to play. He was not important to me, even on what would be, for many, the “happiest” day of their life. I had a toy that would have difficulty in leaving. I had a toy that could be broken over and over again.
  • He did not realize that my parasitism and callousness were intentional and thought out.
  • The psychopath, in general, is a creature of vengeance. We do not need the help of God to punish those that wrong us. We are our own gods, and we can create and destroy. I personally have ruined others over more minor transgressions.
  • Unlike most caricatures painted in the media, most psychopaths are neither killers nor rapists. However, we certainly are not “good” people.
  • Our “personalities” are not so much ours as their are everyone else’s. In other words, we pick up the mannerisms of those around us. We subconsciously adapt our personalities to what we think others wish to see.
  • I pick the traits I want out of the personality rolodex in my mind.  If we met in a bar, I would be one person.  If we met on the job, I’d be another.  And, if we met by chance, I’d be someone else entirely.  There is no consistency except for pure inconsistency. Ultimately we are simply wearing masks made out of the skin of those we’ve met.
  • You will feel special and cared for when you meet us. You will hang on our every word and by the time we are done conversing, you will be ready to do nearly anything for us. We will lift you off of your feet and have you walking on sunshine. But, the entire time we are not genuine with our words. In reality we are sizing you up to see what you can bring to our table rather than what we can bring to yours.

  • Covert or overt manipulation can be used to gain an ally that has no clue that they are not nearly within the psychopath’s good graces as they think they are.
  • The key, that the successful psychopath undoubtedly holds dear, is to tell just enough truth to where any lie can be taken at face value…In addition, many psychopaths know what their target wants to hear.


Excerpts from theDying psychopath:

  • Great way to make people like you is to make them laugh. They will see their own laughter as a sign that you are a good person and will like you. Most of the time it does not take much to convince people that you are cool or nice if you just make them laugh. With strangers I usually just rapid fire different joke-types to see what type of humor they like. Most people find the same things funny so it is not too hard to figure people out.
  • Love to me is not a necessary component to any relationship. I do not even love my own family.

  • If you were looking for your “soul mate” you should not limit yourself to one sex because of the mere detail of what hangs or does not hang inside their pants.
  • Now some might consider me to have asexual tendencies or to be an asexual altogether because of how trivial sex is to me. Sex to me is just pleasure. A simple act of coitus should not dictate the direction or depth of a relationship.
  • It is not wrong to use people, especially if they enjoy the work they are doing because they feel as though they are getting closer to you…
  • One of the most excellent uses for friends or people in general are experiments. My experiments deal mostly with reaction or revelation and I learn a great deal through my, what some would say, inhumane or queer hobby.
  • Humans are equally created to both help and hurt one another.


Gleaned from forums

  • I myself would rather not harm or kill anyone physically. I do enough damage to peoples emotions and souls.
  • I doubt I will be a good parent. I can already imagine me forgetting to feed my kid. That’s why I need a dependant whore that will keep up with my cheating and looking after the kids.
  • I’m often bored from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed. I have tried almost everything to kill my boredom and anything that does work doesn’t seem to last very long. The only things I know of that genuinely kill my boredom for a longer-than-usual period of time are certain illegal, risk-taking activities, but even those can’t keep me excited for long. I feel like I’m constantly craving stimulation and it frustrates me. It makes me feel like I’m cursed with eternal boredom.
  • I score rather high on the Mach scale so I enjoy the deception immensely. It makes things easier, and I do like easy. Besides you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar, but you catch the most with bull-poop*. So in pretending to be someone else I really am being who I am.
  • Sometimes I think of myself as a method actor. I am what and who I need to be according to the circumstances. I’m not even necessarily lying. They’re different facets of a very adaptable personality.
  • Everything- is an act. doesn’t mean it’s intended to be malicious, it’s just part of the show.
  • Sociopathic manipulation is really just about getting what you want by deceptive means. Technically, it’s not stealing because you’re manipulating them into giving it to you.
  • I actually studied acting extensively in school. I found it very helpful in my day to day life…People will do almost anything for someone they like, the acting education makes me that someone they like.
  • I have a great interest in psychology, but it is mostly for the understanding of peoples behavior for manipulation purposes.
  • I don’t allow myself to carry weapons. I don’t fancy the idea of life in prison. The momentary satisfaction wouldn’t be worth it. Besides, there are always other ways for an intelligent person to take revenge. I’m a big fan of revenge.
  • No empathy for anyone or anything. I hate pets, people and anything that lives in general and their suffering gives me pleasure. Sometimes I envy those that feel pain and distress and wonder what it’s like to be human, for I am a superior species not of this wretched race.
  • The only way for me to feel for others is if they’re helpless like sometimes little kids. More so if the individual is suffering from a struggle that burdens them constantly. It’s something I practice but end up getting frustrated because I don’t get people emotionally, mostly.
  • I have two friends. They don’t ask, and I don’t tell. They accept my quirks as they are. They are people who aren’t frightened when I stop pretending. My therapist says this, genuine interaction, is positive for me.
  • ..
  • ..


Regarding childhood:

no love for mommy

  • I had to learn to read people and understand what they want to hear from a very young age, this has helped me in pretending to be whatever the situation desires me to be so that I get what I want.
  • I started showing ASPD symptoms from when I was three or four …so my parents know that something is wrong. But they don’t know what, and even better: Since I got better and better at stealth mode, they got happier and prouder of “their kid” assuming the weird stuff is over. What parent wouldn’t wish for the best and believe in their child?
  • I realized I was different by the time I reached 4th standard (grade), the lack of empathy and the repeated lecturing I would get for not being able to relate with people on a personal level caused me to realize my indifference.
  • I used to get beat up by my father yet I would not feel any sort of emotion I was supposed to feel (still don’t).
  • Those who claim to have become psychopathic through (childhood) emotional trauma are not psychopathic. We don’t even have the ability to suffer emotional trauma.

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