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  • Tina (GeneticPsychosMom) 10:56 on May 4, 2021 Permalink | Reply  

    Psychopathy and Racist Murderous Cops – The Psy of Life 

    “These officers brag about their exploits and violations of the rules. They encourage others to do so, too.”

    Source: Psychopathy and Racist Murderous Cops – The Psy of Life

    • James 21:20 on May 27, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      As does the left when attacking conservatives. The left demonizes cops as a propaganda tool, while silence on attacks on anyone not on the left is deafening. Thisbis why I am sure this


  • Tina (GeneticPsychosMom) 11:40 on December 16, 2020 Permalink | Reply  

    Presidential Psychological Assessment 

    Principles of Propaganda

    Psychological Assessment of the President
    in our Constitutional Representative Democracy

    Our government can’t or won’t force our president to submit to a mental examination. Most psychological professionals honor their “Goldwater Rule” and won’t comment publicly without personally examining Trump. They have all defaulted, delinquent in publicly sharing their observations and concerns regarding the president’s mental state. They’ve left it up to us, the citizens of America, to perform this assessment ourselves.

    Maintain objectivity.
    Complete entire quiz on first page
    before looking at the discussion
    on page two.

    Rate President Trump, yourself or others.
    Rate each criterion 1-12 as follows:
    0 = Item doesn’t apply
    1 = Item applies somewhat
    2 = Item definitely applies
    Keep a running total of the points, maximum of 24 points. Discussion of the ratings is on the following page.

    Complete entire quiz before looking ahead to page two to avoid prejudicing your answers.

    1. Glib…

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    • Jul 23:07 on December 17, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Empathy isn’t an emotion. It can not be measured. Neither can a conscience. How can you use matrices that can not be measured to decide if someone is going to remain a free person or not? If you live in the US, or most countries in the west, it’s supposed to be that you are “innocent until proven guilty”. This psychopathy thing throws things out the window. And it is not based on any but subjective reasons.
      I understand that some people love being famous, or notorious for something, even if the reasons are made up. If the reasons are fictitious, then the study is, and so are the results.
      It is really simple. Every one should do their job. FBI should stop covering up for the liberal elite and actually investigate and prosecute crimes and stop harrassing people who have done nothing wrong, while jailing people on process crimes.
      Police should start investigating the crimes using the evidence collected and available, and using all the tools of available science.
      Judges should stop playing politics and judge using evidence.
      Leftists should just stop the nonsense about feelings and virtue signalling. No one cares if you pretend to be good or not. It’s just for show. Conservatives, stop putting up with the childish nonsense of the left. For those who prefer “the alternative sexual lifestyel”, keep it to yourself, everyone else does, why can’t you?
      In short, the world has a lot of growing up to do. This 2020 thing just showed it to us. I wrote this years ago, and maybe,just maybe, someone should consider what I have said.
      Most people prefer to be left alone. Let people solve their own problems. Even stupid people should be allowed to solve their problems, otherwise they might never realize that doing stupid things results in bad situations.
      None of you are God. You are all human beings. Your salvation comes from accepting you are a human being, with the limitations that you have, and acting within them to make your life better, whatever that entails.
      Life has become more challenging for a lot of people. Now is the time to pay attention to your world and become better at solving your problems. Good Luck

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      • Tina (GeneticPsychosMom) 10:15 on May 6, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        I love how people with psychopathy stop by to try to discredit the scientific and MRI evidence of the existence psychopathy. Thanks for commenting.


    • CalicoJack 00:56 on May 5, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Howdy Tina!

      A good article and one that provokes lots of thought. The Hare PCL – R is an effective evaluation of psychopathy and considered highly reliable. However, it is a difficult test to administer. It often relies on an interview and other records. That said, it is predictive of behavior.

      Whether or not Trump is a psychopath or not is open to debate, even though, as I answer the questions on the test, he scores perfectly. In my evaluation on my blog, I’ve come to the conclusion that the best diagnosis is an unproductive malignant narcissist. Unproductive because of his executive dysfunction — his well-documented impulsivity and inability to manage his emotions and behavior; malignant because of his well-documented cruelty and callousness. And narcissism because of his well-documented narcissistic traits. He’s a textbook example of a narcissist. Fortunately, for me, experts like Bandy Lee agree for whatever that is worth.

      After writing my post on psychopathy and the police, I feel like the Dark Tetrad test or a version of PCL be given more widely for specific jobs like policing and teaching — sadistic teachers (I’m a teacher) are all too plentiful — and politicians.


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      • Tina (GeneticPsychosMom) 10:15 on May 6, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Hi Jack, thank you for commenting. It is my opinion that anyone who is incapable of empathy, remorse, and conscience means that they have psychopathy. I recently started trying (sometimes old habits die hard.) to not call people by their medical issue. Maybe it will help people, in general, to be open to learning more about the disorder, since it’s my experience that my warnings are usually ignored when I say “psychopath”. I really appreciate your fellowship in the awareness campaign!

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      • Tina (GeneticPsychosMom) 11:48 on May 6, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        I have to add the caveat of “anyone who is incapable of empathy, remorse, and conscience from birth“, because there are an exorbitant amount of people around who are currently displaying those traits, even though they are capable. I don’t want to get blasted for tagging everyone as having psychopathy.


        • CalicoJack 23:00 on May 6, 2021 Permalink | Reply

          Howdy Tina!
          There is a psychologist that has a theory on sexual offenders who suggests that one of the biggest contributors to offending of any kind is a lack of empathy for the target because if you had empathy for the target you would not harm them. Empathy ebbs and flows like all emotions do. You do not always experience the same degree of happiness and sadness throughout your day. The degree depends on what is going on in your environment. There is an internal or personality based component as well that we might call a propensity towards happiness, sadness, empathy, and every other emotion.

          I’m sure you’re aware that the psychopathic brain is structurally different than the non-psychopathic brain. That one way to diagnose psychopathy is by interpreting fMRI’s. And, that there are degrees of psychopathy. There are extreme psychopaths who have high scores on all four of the psychopath attributes, people who vary on which attributes they score high on, people who barely qualify score-wise as psychopaths, and people who just have some psychopathic traits.

          One assumes an extreme psychopath has the psychopathic brain and that would be from birth since it seems to be a difference in the formation of the brain.

          The purpose of a diagnosis is to predict future behavior and explain past behavior. What’s interesting about psychopathy is that it predicts criminal behavior pretty accurately. If a person is a psychopath they are pretty much guaranteed to be a rule-breaker and often criminal.

          All of the DSM-5 personality disorders include degrees of poor empathy and a lack of shame, remorse, and conscience. They all are willing to violate the rights of others to achieve their goals. There is a lot of nuance to diagnosing a personality disorder.

          One of the predictions that I made of Trump based on his diagnosis as a narcissist was that he would view the #COVID19 outbreak as a narcissistic wound — it would challenge his self-image as being perfect. If he tried to fight the pandemic and failed, he would be a failure and he cannot tolerate that image. If he did nothing, he could blame others, lie about doing something, and preserve his self-image of perfection. For him it was worth the sacrifice of 560,000+ lives and suffering of millions in order to preserve himself.

          A psychopath wouldn’t necessarily have made that decision. They might have, but they might not have. A psychopath could’ve recognized that it was in his self-interest to have fought the pandemic because it would’ve helped him be re-elected. Had Trump done something, anything, he probably would’ve been reelected.

          The narcissist is willing to hurt people to preserve their self-image of perfection, i.e. Trump allowing millions to suffer and die in the pandemic. A psychopath is willing to hurt people to achieve his goals. A sadist goes out of his way to hurt people. Hurting people is the goal. Some psychopaths and narcissists like Trump have sadistic streaks where they enjoy the pain they inflict on others, but it is not their primary motivator.

          All I’m saying is that diagnosis is a complicated process. We do it to help predict behavior and arrive at treatments — if they exist; I note that treatment for psychopathy does not really exist yet. But, to the degree that your diagnosis predicts behavior, is the degree that it is accurate. My experience with Trump is that narcissism better predicted his behavior as president than psychopathy did; although, he certainly has psychopathic traits and scores highly on the Hare PCL-R.



  • Tina (GeneticPsychosMom) 13:47 on November 23, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Fucking (With) Psychopaths, , , , , , , , ,   

    Dating Site Psychopathy Exposed 

    I’m conducting experiments with men afflicted with psychopathy, and I’ve carefully observed that their brains operate along the same strand of deceitfulness. I’ll make you a list of psychopathic “sameness”. I guess that is a good descriptor of behaviors and words and activities that are weirdly associated among ALL of the psychopathic men on dating sites. Beware of some of these clues exhibited in profiles and messages from a disordered fellow:

    (I’m sorry, I don’t date women so I don’t know the psychopathic clues for them. Maybe a commenter can tell us.)

    • Love of cooking is common among them, not always a red flag, but take notice in conjunction with these other flags …
    • Love of biking extremely long distances (here in Florida anyway.)
    • Love to be adrenaline hunters.
    • Love to promise to not conduct themselves like idiots and play emotional games. Does that need saying? It’s bait for already emotionally played women desperately seeking solace.
    Come hither, damaged damsels, you’re safe with me.
    • Love of writing wordy prose that seems earnest on first glance, but is devoid of emotional content. Word salad.
    It’s ridiculous how psychopaths say the words but don’t know the music.
    Have you found that the sensuality of women is something to appreciate, you emotionless fuck?
    We” do always pick the same type of guy. You, ya trickster you.
    Good people don’t have to develop skills …to be good people.
    • Love to flat out tell you what a truly amazing guy he is and that you would be lucky to have them. Lots of them have no sense of propriety nor humility. Ugh, it’s wearying.
    • Love to send overly excited reactions to items in your profile: “OMG! I love the same things!!!!” Makes you feel real good, don’t it.
    • Love to share lengthy stories with extraneous details of their life that have no relativity to your new introductions. You’re made to feel like you’re already a close friend. “My boss’s daughter was building a house … blah blah blah …”
    • Love to talk endlessly about their numerous former relationships. This may be an attempt to groom you into behaving like a past (maybe present) girlfriend: “She would always stand at the door and wait for me to open it.” “She offered to pay for half of the meal.” Stop it, asshole, I’m not her/them. Also, bore snore.
    • Love to demand lots more pics of you immediately via text, (to add to his pic collection of gullible people).
    • Love to introduce the subject of sex really soon. I sat down for a first date lunch and before 30 minutes was up, I learned all the gory details of his S&M experiences. Boundary check much?
    • Love to call or text you early in the morning for no reason, and/or later at night than the social norm. Boundary check? Or love-bombing?
    • Love to leave you hanging, then act like nothing happened. Below is an example. Also note, this guy is pouring on the garbage and some bizarre love-bombing. How does he know that I am “truly charming” and also “so full of sensual passion”, since we only just texted boring introductions the night before? I feel really sorry for the women who fall prey to this “superficial charm”.
    • Love to barrage you with interview questions, requesting every detail of your life in a short amount of time.
    • Love to offer enticements that get your hopes up: “I do a lot of traveling to exotic places, and it would be great for you to come along.” Moral of the story: Don’t get your hopes up.

    ***The disordered brain of a psychopathic trickster does not belong in any lawmaking position. I advocate psychopathy testing for political candidates.

    Learn more at DomesticEnemies.Org ***

    • Amaterasu Solar 11:20 on November 24, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Excellent article! I will say… We will never convince the owners of the corporations Most call “Our governments” to test Themselves for psychopathy. They own the legal/governmental system – literally. The only winning move is not to play the game. Withdraw consent from that mess and stand sovereign on Ethical ground – much higher ground than legal/governmental, which thwarts Ethics far more than serves them.

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      • GeneticPsychosMom (Tina) 13:35 on November 25, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        I know that you are right about the psychopaths in office not instituting a psychopathy test any time soon. They will control the discussion to get their fellows to dismiss their testing as discrimination, although it is an inhibitor of public service. For now, I am trying to get the masses to learn how real and present this neurological defect is in all of our lives… and push to scrutinize candidates more closely.

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