Psychopath’s Heaven – a poem 

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How I crave after it. How I desire it. How I lust for it.
Power over what?
Power over something.
Power over anything.
Power over EVERYTHING.
The power over life and death, to be able too look into the eyes of a man, look into them. And take life from them. To see it leave their eyes. The light in their eyes, I want the power to turn their eyes dark.
I want to be invincible. To stare at death in the face, and laugh.
I want to be immortal. To live for eons on end, never aging, never weakening. Only gaining power
The power of destruction. To destroy entire cities with a thought. To hold countries ransom to my whims.
Pure power.
No responsibility.
Absolute. Power

© Wajahat Mahmood, 2015. See the original post here.