The Cult of Beyoncé

Beyonce: Psychopath? Narcissist? Either way, she has a massive cult of personality.


**DISCLAIMER: This is not a specialist work on music, or on Beyoncé, it’s more about cults of personalities I guess…**

I’m not the biggest Beyoncé fan in the world. Of course not, who could lay claim to such a title! The person who founded the Beyhive? The scores of superfans who buy tickets to her every concert? Jay-Z? No, I’m not even close to being Beyoncé’s biggest fan, but I, like most people, quite enjoy her work. And I always know when she’s got new work out because I find out, not through the radio or TV or magazines, but through other people. Ever since social media hit it big way back when in 2006, I don’t think the woman has had to actively promote a single thing that she does. Which leads me to hypothesise: is Beyoncé a genius?

First, a note. When I say genius I’m referring: a…

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